Of all the things to consider when moving, what to keep and what to give away usually isn’t high on people’s lists. While it might not be as big of a priority as hiring a moving van or acquiring boxes, it’s still highly important, especially when you’re a parent. This is how to decide what to keep and what to give away when moving.

What to Keep 
Aside from things that you’re obviously going to keep, such as furniture and major appliances that you own, this can be a very challenging thing to go through. You should keep anything that you cannot bear parting with and that couldn’t be replaced. This could include things you associate with your children, such as drawings they’ve done. You might not be able to keep everything that you want to keep, but you can definitely set aside whatever you find to be most important. For things you really care about, there won’t be any question about whether or not you should hold onto it.

What to Put in Storage 
If you find yourself leaning towards keeping or giving away a certain item but can’t make up your mind, there’s a solution. Look into renting out a storage unit to keep these items. You will have to pay a monthly rent to keep your unit, so make sure that it’s within your budget. You might find yourself taking things out of storage to move into your home or getting rid of them entirely. A storage locker can be highly useful. Say you have a great job in Trenton and you are moving to train at the NYC office for a year.  It makes no sense to get rid of expensive furniture and appliances. You’d want to look for moving and storage service in NJ.

What to Give Away 
Sometimes, you just have to say goodbye to things. You might not have enough room to move them. You might not be able to fit them in storage. You also might just realize you don’t have a use for them any longer. If they’re in good condition and you can surmise that somebody else would find use for them, give them away. You can donate them to a thrift store or to a worthwhile charity. It can be bittersweet to say goodbye to your beloved possessions, but knowing that others are enjoying them can make you feel better.

Going through your household goods and deciding what to part with seems easy in theory, but in practice, it can be a very exhausting and emotionally draining experience. Being able to put some things in storage or realizing that you’re ready to say goodbye to certain items can be very emotionally freeing. It can also make your moving experience much more enjoyable.