Everyone has some sort of phobia. While most people believe that fear and phobia are the same things, the truth of the matter is that they are entirely different.

In fact, a phobia is a deep seeded, intense fear whose alleviation can result in physical symptoms!

If one happens to be suffering from a phobia of some kind, chances are that their fear has crossed over to a level of irrationality. They are unable to control their feelings, and hence, cannot see the logic behind their fear.

If one would like to be a phlebotomist, the first question they need to determine is if they have a fear or phobia of blood. Though a phobia might require professional counseling (and perhaps even a reconsideration of their career choice), a fear can easily be overcome.

Understand what Hemophobia is

That being said, here are a couple of internal tweaks one needs to do in order to overcome their fear of blood. That being said, here are a couple of internal tweaks one needs to do in order to overcome their fear of blood. One can learn more about them at Best-Phlebotomytraining.Com.

Hemophobia is the medical term used to describe the fear of blood. In most scientific studies, it is believed that blood normally serves as a warning sign for our body system. Hence, this is one of the reasons why blood is red in color. To give the organism (in this case, a human being) the warning that their life is in danger.

Most psychologists also believe that the fear of blood stems from an early traumatic childhood experience, or in some extreme cases, through a complex genetic predisposition.

Knowing if one truly has symptoms of Hemophobia

Does one instantly feel disgusted or scared once they see a needle or blood? If that’s the case, then their heart rate will instantly speed up and their blood pressure will instantly drop. In turn, one will have severe nausea in the process; which might result in a feeling of lightheadedness or even fainting!

However, if one goes to some extremes like becoming a vegan just to avoid consuming or preparing foods that have blood (or the smell of blood) altogether, then they might be homophobic.

How can one cure their fear of blood?

Self-assessment and self-help is the first step to gradually overcoming this fear. One can start by learning to deal with the fear until the anxiety itself passes. However, if it is phobia that is triggering a panic attack, then one might just consider going for therapy. More specifically, psychotherapy.

Overcoming the fear of needles

A career in phlebotomy requires one to deal with needles every day. That being said, if one happens to have a fear of needles, it needs to be effectively addressed.

A great way of averting this fear is by repeatedly drawing with a needle from a fake arm. Moreover, one can start slow and then gradually overcome the fear with time.

However, in the event that one experiences a panic attack, then it’s essential that they seek medical assistance from a professional immediately.