One part of a move that people tend to dread is moving heavy furniture like a piano or a sofa. The good news is that you can reduce your risk of injury by using proper form and by asking for help if you need it. Let’s look at some more ways to make sure you don’t get hurt transporting heavy objects during your next move.

Wrap the Objects in Plastic

Wrapping objects in plastic helps to compress them, which makes it less likely that you will jam a finger trying to get a bulky item through a door. It can also help to get a better grip on the item as well. With a better grip, you are less likely to drop a couch or table on your foot or sprain a muscle because you’re carrying it awkwardly.

Take the Item Apart

While it may not be desirable to make multiple trips to put the same item in a car or truck, smaller items can be easier to carry. In many cases, you can take the legs off of a table or take the back off of your recliner. If time is of the essence, last minute movers can help speed up the process of getting to your new home.

Remove the Drawers

If you don’t want to empty a closet or dresser, you should at least take the drawers out. This will both reduce the weight of that closet or dresser as well as avoid the prospect of shelves coming out and hitting you in the shins.

Put Objects on a Hand Truck

When you put an object on a hand truck, it will handle most of the load for you. This means that you can move something that is dozens or hundreds of pounds with ease. However, it may be a good idea to secure items onto the hand truck with tape or zip ties to make sure that they don’t slide or fall off.

Don’t Go Backwards with Furniture in Your Hands

Trying to carry or move bulky furniture while going backwards can be dangerous because you don’t necessarily know where you are going. This increases the risk that you could slip, trip or fall, and the danger only increases if you are going down stairs.

If you are going through the moving process, don’t feel like you have to do it alone. A professional moving company can make it easier to haul those heavy objects from your current place to your next one.