If you’ve come looking for The Secret Blender Society you probably know that it’s such a well-kept secret that few people even know of its existence! In fact, you are now one of very few who are going to be introduced to some of the secret tips and tricks for using your blender.

However, if you want to actually try some of these tips and tricks, make sure you have a good blender, preferably with a glass carafe. They don’t scratch easily and so can be sanitized well in between food and non-food uses.

Unfortunately, or perhaps, fortunately, there are so many models on the market you may want to read the reviews on Cuisinestudy.Com before investing in a top-of-the-line multiuse smoothie machine which truly can be used in place of just about any blender on the market. Okay, onto those secrets!

1. Hiding Veggies in Plain Sight

No matter how you slice it, pardon the pun, millions of people simply don’t eat green! This is especially true of children. If you can’t get your family to eat veggies, puree them in your blender and add to some of your favorite recipes. These work well in meatloaf, meatballs, soups, stews, and gravies. If you need to disguise them in sauces and gravies, simply add a few drops of browning sauce and no one will be the wiser! Try it. It works!

2. Blender Tricks for the Garden

You will find lots of articles on how to use your blender to prepare leftovers and scraps to go in your compost pile but that is only one use for a blender for gardening. Sometimes when you are germinating seeds, the instructions call for a thin layer of tiny particulates of professional grade vermiculite after you’ve laid the seed on the moistened starting mix.

Professional grade vermiculite is the exact same thing as the regular grade you can find in garden shops everywhere with the only difference being the size of the chips. Buy the cheaper brand, pulse them a few times in your blender and voila! You now have tiny particulates that cost half the price of the professional grade products.

3. Body Lotions and Toiletries

While many sites recommend olive oil as the base for body lotions, coconut oil is just as good if not better! Many people already use coconut oil as a skin softener, but with just a few added ingredients, you can rival all those scented body lotions that cost an arm and a leg – not literally, of course!

Try adding a few drops of your favorite scented essential oil, some aloe from your aloe plant and then open a few capsules of vitamin E which are typically filled with oil. It’s amazing just how easy it is to also make body scrubs and organic shampoos as well. Why pay $12 plus for scented body oils, scrubs and soaps which you can make for literally pennies in your blender?

Now you know a few of the well-kept secrets of the Society, the only one remaining is where to find the group so you can join. That’s the best-kept secret of all, so if you find them, do comment and share. There’s so much more you can do with a simple kitchen blender but only the Society knows for sure!