How Do You Maximize Gifts?

It is now 2018, and the truth is almost everyone in the developed world just has more than enough in terms of “stuff”. Remember that old George Carlin bit (warning, NSFW)? Well, he did that comedy routine decades ago, before smartphones, laptops, IoT (Internet of Things) devices and all the other new items defining modernity.

Managing “stuff” is very important because it can represent synthetic or real wealth, depending on how you use it. If you take good care of your things, you’ll be able to preserve them longer. A penny saved is a penny earned, after all! But what of gifts?

What happens when you receive the same gift multiple times? That’s not efficient, and it steals your time as you must run around returning, selling, or exchanging it. The alternative is waste. Is there any way to categorize things in a way which saves time and money beforehand?

You want to know in a few seconds how to spend your time—it’s valuable! You don’t want to spend all day treading water without seeing much, if any, result. Following are several tips to help you fully utilize new wedding registry options. They are exciting, and they can be quite convenient, but it does make sense to do your homework beforehand.

A Premiere Registry Option

One of your first steps may well involve using sites like; according to the site, “Honeyfund is simply the best online wedding registry!” The site goes on to note that this claim can be backed up by: “Thousands of 5-star reviews, gorgeous designs, and exclusive discounts.”

This is a site that has combined low to no fees, excellent design tools in web presentation, exceptional added features like gift cards and registry solutions of the universal variety, and travel options that are downright invigorating, for the last twelve years. Also, a new feature offered here is a gift card registry, whether those cards be for travel, retail, dining, or entertainment—with no attached fees.

That said, even in 2018, there are going to be some who prefer the experience of walking into a store—like Bed, Bath, and Beyond, as a for-instance. This is a department outlet that is usually a lot more fun, and a lot less stuffy, than traditional department stores.

You can find gadgets galore as well as traditional necessities like homewares, china, and silver. What’s more: you have a choice of modern or classic options in these categories.

Anything And Everything

Another alternative which has a very comprehensive approach to wedding registries is Amazon. If you’re looking for an “everything” registry, Amazon fits the bill—anything can be registered for, and additionally promotions for varying products, as well as discounts for completion, are more than abundant.

You can even double-down on value by incorporating wedding accouterments into the gift registry. At, you can find: “Short bridesmaid dresses that are all the rage for summer and spring weddings.” Imagine putting those on the registry and seeing your wedding costs defrayed before the event!

Granted, such a strategy will require some prior communication—it’s no good getting dresses for those involved in a ceremony the day of the ceremony. But with the internet, today, registering such gifts and sending them can be done entirely from home, allowing those who care for your new nuptials deeply to help save you and your family money in putting on the event—which is appreciable indeed!

Planning a wedding in advance is one of the surest ways to make it last. Between enhanced registry options, online technology, and increasingly luxurious (as well as affordable) items that can be found inside a store, there are a lot of ways to maximize your wedding before the event even takes place. This is, in many ways, some of the wisest planning you can do.


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