When hunting for an apartment, look for certain perks which include parking spaces, in-unit washers/dryers, dishwashers and other amenities that will make your life easier. This entails checking out multiple apartments before choosing the right one.

Here are some tips for an effective apartment search:

Set Up A Budget

When you find your dream apartment with beautiful window views, great layout, and a spacious living room, you might find yourself overlooking your budget. For this reason, you need to come up with a budget way before your search even begins. How much can you afford per month? Once you have a range in mind, you will not get tempted to buy an apartment you cannot afford.

Consider The Time Of The Year

The time of the year when you begin apartment hunting can greatly affect the amount of rent you’ll pay. During the summer, rent prices are generally higher because many people are hunting for apartments just like you. If time is not important in your search, start apartment hunting during the fall or winter. The colder the weather, the less likely will people be out looking for apartments, meaning you are more likely to find a great apartment at a cheaper price.

Narrow Down Your Search

Because you’ll have to see the apartment you want to rent, looking at every rental you see online will be a waste of time. The internet can help you hunt for an apartment without leaving the comfort of your home. Just narrow down your search to 3 or 4 apartments and pay them a visit.

Be Organized

Once you look at several apartments, they will all start to blend, making it harder for you to choose one. So, do yourself a favor and create a spreadsheet to keep track of all the amenities. If you need to contact the landlord, you will have this information on your spreadsheet. You can also keep track of the number of apartments you have visited on the spreadsheet.

Bring Roommates

If you are moving in with another person, make sure you bring him or her with you when checking out the place. Look at the rental together in order to make a unanimous decision. If you both like it, rent it; otherwise, keep on looking.

Consider Public Transportation

Even if you have a car you plan to drive to and from work, opting for public transport can save you money. If you are not in any rush, consider taking the bus when running errands. Proximity to public transport is an important factor to consider when looking for where you should live in Pleasanton CA, for example.

Enquire About Discounts

You might come across a few special offers depending on the apartments you are considering. If you are willing to sign a longer lease, you might even get the first month of rent free. Even if no discounts have been mentioned, it will not hurt to ask. You might be the only person who has thought about asking so far.

Be Ready To Negotiate

After you narrow down the apartments you are considering, negotiate with the property owner. If you tell him or her you are considering other options, he or she might reduce the monthly rent.

Discover Average Energy Costs

Before you put your signature on the lease, you need to inquire how much is the average utility bill. Utility bills are an expense that can sneak up on you, so you need to look into them before you sign the lease.