As the world becomes fuller and busier with more activity than ever before, it can sometimes feel as if you are being left behind in a pile of incomplete tasks and missed appointments. Staying on top of life can be difficult, especially now that people expect much more from each other.

When everyone else seems to be flying ahead while you’re stuck trying to run on time or plan an event, it’s time to train yourself to become more organized. Here are a few simple tips to help you get started on transforming yourself into an efficient, punctual person with more time for fun.

One: Make Plans and Stick to Them

Part of what makes an organized person is their ability to hold themselves to their word. Organized people don’t necessarily take on more work or fit in more meetings by juggling their timetables with a secret magic trick. They most likely only agree to what they know they can manage.

Setting expectations and following through is the best way to start becoming more organized. This can apply to almost every aspect of life, from socializing to exercising. For example, if you’re hoping to get fit you should find a good supplement stacking guide to keep you on track.

Figuring out the logistics of minor activities leaves more space in your mind for bigger problems to solve. Save yourself the stress of last-minute organizing by getting it over with early. This way you can concentrate on the task fully without trying to map it out along the way or worse, not do it at all.

Two: Write It Down

Much like a computer, your memory can become full if you don’t erase unnecessary files. Storage space in your brain is a precious commodity and should only be available to the most important things in your life, whether that’s family, work, or anything else you consider significant.

Everything else like minor appointments, notes about a meeting, or the groceries should be written down to make space for more important matters in your head. With a list in hand, you will be able to concentrate on performing the task competently instead of frantically trying to remember what was needed.

Three: Do It Now

If you ask anyone the top reason for their past failures or worst cases of stress, their answers will probably be related to procrastination. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of being completely unprepared and with no time to scramble something together.

Of course, there will always be moments in life that will catch you off guard, but for the most part, you can plan ahead. Whatever it is that’s begging to be done, do it now. The trick is to tell yourself that you will do a bit of it for five minutes.

Most of the time you will end up working past this self-imposed limit and find yourself making more progress than expected. Frontload your chores so that you are constantly looking out for your future self.