Making a decision to lose weight and improve your health isn’t one that many come to lightly. When you are truly ready to knuckle down and shed some fat, it’s like you’re a woman on a mission. You know what your goal is, and you’re going to hit it no matter what. The problem that many people come across when it comes to losing weight, is the cost. Not the emotional toll of avoiding chocolate; as sad as that may be, it’s one that must be taken to feel confident!

Weight loss means exercising, which could mean joining a swimming class or a gym. It means eating healthily, which means buying in raw, organic foods and cooking from scratch. These things help you to shed the pounds, but then you have to factor in the clothes that you must now buy to replace the ones you have grown out of. When you want to find a cost-cutting weight loss way out, you need help, and we’ve got exactly that.

Shop Smart. Every day, supermarkets reduce the items that are about to come to the end of their shelf life. By shopping in bulk for veggies in these areas, you can spend time blanching and freezing them for easy-grab out of the freezer. You can also bulk buy reduced meat, freezing the portions ready for cooking later on. Doing this once a month means that you have amazing healthy food to hand without blowing your grocery budget.

Get Creative. That clothing budget that you put aside may need to be thought out. Using a service like means that you can have your clothes altered instead of paying out for new ones all the time. Weight loss can become very pricey if you need to shop for a whole wardrobe every month. Get creative with your clothing and alter them – they’ll last you far longer!

Great Outdoors. You don’t have to join the gym or the local swimming classes to exercise. There’s a whole wide world out there on your doorstep, all you have to do is think outside the box. Running, forming your own jogging group or even running with a stroller if you have a baby are all options for getting outside and getting fit. If you aren’t a fan of the great outdoors, there are free workouts on YouTube that you can follow in your own home. All you have to spend is the usual cost of your internet connection.

Food Swap. If you have to cut your budget anywhere, meat is your go-to. Cut down on mince for your meals by bulking out with lentils. Cut out red meat altogether and save yourself the cash. Buy frozen meat and have less of a portion. Watch your dollar spend shrink right down just doing this!

Your weight loss can save you money at the same time you lose the pounds. Making savings all around will mean that you can get to your goal weight without breaking the bank.