Phone usage is usually very dominated in the social sector. Indeed, phones were invented to connect people to each other and pass messages across long distances in a few seconds, but that can also be a double edged sword. When we spend too much time looking online, we miss a lot that’s going on in the here and now. Of course, being able to speak to your friends and family whenever you need to is essential nowadays, but it can also mean anyone can be opened up as a target for the more malicious people who grace the web. So, if you think you or anyone in your family spends too much time using their phone to socialise, get them to put it down and pick up some more healthy habits, like those listed below.

Turn Off a Phone at Night

One good way to make sure everybody gets a good night’s sleep is by turning off the wifi, but an even better way to do so is to get everyone to leave their phones downstairs at night. When they’re plugged in and charging they’re going to be ready for the morning, and so will everyone who actually managed to sleep peacefully in their beds!

State Some House Rules

Making sure your children, and other errant family members, aren’t always on their phone will sometimes require some boundaries. And by that, you’re going to have to set up some rules. In situations like family time, and where it would be rude to not interact with other people, put in a ‘no phones’ rule. It might not be popular at first, but people will soon get used to it, and make sure there’s no exceptions!

When you’re at the dinner table, or the lunch or breakfast one, having no phones out can make it a much lighter and happier event for everyone involved. Even when you go out as a family, make sure this rule is still in place so everyone around can enjoy their meal, and no one is getting absorbed in the virtual world.

Repurpose the Phone

Repurposing a phone can be quite easy due to the amount of uses a single model can have. So try talking to your kids about deleting the social apps they have on their phones, and then try to influence them to download some other ones.

For example, a phone can be a great gaming device, which can be a great solitary or family use of spare time. Try out the new Final Fantasy 15 exclusive mobile game, as it’s a great way to connect with your kid’s interests, and making sure you’re not kept out of their lives via simple moves of no communication!

Spending less time on social media is something we should all strive to do. If you’re the kind of person to never want to get off your phone yourself, simply put it down now and walk away! It’s honestly as simple as that when it comes to it.

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