Do you want to spend some quality time with your girlfriends? You should find an activity that will allow you all to laugh, chat and make fantastic memories with one another. Stuck for ideas? Not a problem. Here are six girls’ night ideas you need to try.

1. Host a Wine Tasting Party

Do you and your friends appreciate the finer things in life? Or do you just love a bottle or two of vino during the evening or weekend? If so, gather your friends together for a wine tasting party, so you all can try different types of wine while enjoying each other’s company.

2. Book Tickets to an Exotic Show

If you want to let our hair down and simply have some much-needed fun with the girls, you should book tickets to Hunks the Show, which is a high-energy exotic show featuring talented male dancers. You can guarantee both you and your friends will laugh aloud, dance throughout the night, and will enjoy the choreographed routines.

3. Enjoy a Movie Marathon

Are you hoping to spend a night in with your friends in the comfort of your home? If so, grab all your girls, put on your pajamas, and treat yourself to a movie marathon. Ask each friend to pick their favorite movie, so you can all become absorbed in movies from different genres, while munching on popcorn and candy.

4. Book a Table at a Fancy Restaurant

Nothing quite beats good food and good company, which is why you should book a table for all your friends to enjoy dinner at a restaurant. Simply contact your friends to find the best date for everyone to get together to enjoy a lovely meal and drinks. Also, ensure you pick a restaurant that complements everyone’s taste, so everyone has a great time. You could maybe even visit a cocktail bar after your meal to treat yourselves to one or more delicious concoctions.

5. Create a Book Club

Would you and your friends class yourself as bookworms? You can trust they will jump at the chance to join a book club. Not only will it provide them with an opportunity to read different books, but it will also provide the perfect excuse to get together with their girlfriends. Make a rule that whoever chooses the book hosts the book club that month, so they will be responsible for providing snacks and starting the conversation.

6. Host a Game Night

Does a book club not sound like your idea of fun? How about a game night? Release your competitive side by hosting a game night your friends will love. Gather your girls to play various board games, such as Jenga, Cluedo, Uno or Monopoly. You could even add to the competition by provide the top three players with a prize.

Have you got any fun ideas for the perfect girls’ night in or out? Share your top tips and stories by writing a comment below.

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