As the girls from Fifth Harmony so rightly sing, you can work from home. Indeed, there’s nothing better than being the boss and bringing in the moolah on a daily basis. Not only does it instill a work ethic, but there’s a sense of achievement and pride that’s almost impossible to recreate. As any home worker will tell you, the buzz is terrific.

Of course, to tap into revenue streams, an individual such as yourself needs a website. Without a site, an SMB can’t raise awareness of the brand, increase traffic to the site or make conversions. Seriously, a website is that essential in the war against non-profit.

So, you need a quality platform which gets a foothold in the market and taps into new customer bases. But, you can’t expect to create one for free and grow from strength to strength. After all, the themes on WordPress only go so far. With that in mind, below are the tools you have to consider buying before a website goes live.

A Domain Name

Do you know that thing which people type in to land on the homepage? Well, it costs to have one. Thankfully, the price isn’t extravagant, and the usual amount is somewhere in the range of $5 to $10. However, don’t make the mistake of trying to build a live site without a registered domain name. For one thing, it looks incredibly unprofessional and will turn-off customers and consumers alike. Secondly, your domain name will play a significant role in the company’s success because there are lots of nuances to consider. Like, did you know that a ‘.com’ suffix is a preference for lay people? The reason is they feel that a site is trustworthy and therefore overcomes one potential stumbling block.

A Domain Host

Please don’t assume that the host comes with the name because it does not in many cases. Unless it’s specified in the price or terms and conditions, you will have to find a host. Again, the amount is very small, something like a couple of bucks per year. But, choosing the right one is essential as they keep the site online and up and running all year around. If they have issues, the site could go offline and cost you a small fortune in fees and profit losses.

Web Designers

WordPress has got people thinking they can create their site for free and make a killing. Okay, there are examples of blogs and websites which don’t pay a penny for design costs. But, it’s worth noting they are few and far between as design plays a massive role in success. Firstly, customers want a homepage which catches the eye and stuns them visually. Regardless how many people say looks don’t matter, they can’t argue with psychology. However, web design is more than pretty calligraphy and bold headings; it also encompasses navigation. In simple terms, this is the ease of access to the site, and it has to be easy to follow or else people will bounce. A quality designer knows the tricks of the trade to turn-on consumers aesthetically and navigationally.


It is possible to make money from a website without selling a service or product. Still, the odds are high that you will have to sell to make money. As always, getting people to part with their money is the hardest thing in the world, especially online where there is the threat of cybercrime. Sadly, slick sales techniques don’t work as well on the World Wide Web because the interaction isn’t face to face. The good news is there are alternative ways to make a sale. A call to action is a prime example as it encourages your traffic to click a link. Also, a top Magento developer will focus on creating content which mobile-friendly. The consumer stats for phones and tablets are astounding, and you can’t afford to miss out on your share. Again, navigation is vital as customers should be able to “proceed to the checkout” regardless of their location.


There is no doubt that images are important to customers for two reasons. The first is the visual appeal, which is an occupational hazard of being a human being. When a person sees something they find pretty, they can’t help but feel a pull. Secondly, high-definition pictures add value because it makes an online purchase less of a risk. The one downfall about shopping online is the fact that you don’t know if the item is a perfect match, but quality photos solve this problem. You can hire a professional to take expert shots and post them online, yet it’s an expensive choice. Alternatively, you can buy a camera, play with the settings and produce images at a fraction of the cost. Just make sure the pics are internet worthy or else the impact will be negative instead of positive.


Do you know the difference between SEO, PPC and social media? If the answer is yes, do you understand the specific workings of each? Usually, a novice won’t have a clue how to conduct a marketing strategy, yet they continue regardless. What follows is a mismatch of techniques which adds zero value to the website. Quite simply, it’s better to outsource your advertising needs to a team of experts rather than run the risk of doing it alone.

For an affordable fee, a top consultant will be able to define the brand voice, target the site’s keywords, and pick an effective pay-per-click ad. Not only will they do this, but they’ll also manage the campaign and save you time which you can invest elsewhere. Some bosses like to be in control of every aspect, yet it’s not a realistic goal when you have gaps in your knowledge. Don’t forget about social media advice, too, as interacting with followers isn’t as easy as having a conversation. You also have to provide promotions which pique their interest without being intrusive.

A website seems like something you can build for free and save pennies along the way. However, the great platforms speculate to accumulate in the future.