police department tow truck delivers the damaged vehicle

For all that grief that family road trips can sometimes receive, they really are a great opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime. For every memory that’s made in your family’s car, however, there’s another mile that’s added to the odometer, putting the car another mile closer to needing to be replaced.

If your car is exhibiting any of these warning signs, it might be time to start considering something new.

More Smoke Coming from Your Car Than a BBQ Cookoff

If you look in your rearview mirror, and can’t see the person behind you because of all the smoke you’re releasing, it’s probably time to put it out to pasture.

Smoke coming out the tailpipe could indicate everything from leaking oil to a blown head gasket. No matter what the cause is, though, you can be sure that prohibitively-expensive repairs are sure to follow.

Dashboard Is Lit up Brighter Than a Christmas Tree

The lights on your dashboard aren’t there to look nice, they are there to get your attention and warn you of a problem with your vehicle. If you lose count of all the warning lights that are illuminated on your dashboard, you can expect to soon be sitting on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck.

Whether it’s an overheating engine, low oil pressure, or a problem with your vehicle’s electrical system, it’s time to prepare for major repairs ahead.

Vehicle Makes More Noise Than a Rock Band

If, when you turn the key in your car, you turn heads for all the wrong reasons, your car is probably on its last legs. Whether it’s a worn torque converter in your car’s transmission, or a hole in your vehicle’s exhaust system, a loud car usually indicates a problem in a critical system.

If you can’t stand the noise, you might consider giving your ears a rest by selling your car outright to places like U Pull & Pay. Some companies can send a tow truck right to you, so you never have to hear those other-worldly sounds again.

Vehicle Rides as Rough as Driving on a Washboard

If, when you turn your car off, your body keeps vibrating as if it’s still running, your car’s end may be near. Whether it’s an engine vacuum leak or a bad carburetor, not only fixing, but diagnosing what’s wrong with your vehicle could cost a small fortune. If you can, it’s best to start looking for a replacement vehicle as soon as possible.

Better News Ahead

Cars break down, that’s just a fact of life. Unfortunately, some of the causes of break downs can mean expensive repairs, or necessitate replacing your vehicle. The good news is that a new vehicle means increased comfort, safety, and entertainment for your family for all the miles ahead. As new memories are made, you’ll have the extra peace-of-mind in knowing that this new vehicle won’t leave you stranded.