Camping is one of the best ways to spend quality time getting active with the family. If you’re one of the many parents who find it hard to get your kids to exercise, take them camping.If you do, they’ll be burning calories like it’s nobody’s business without ever realizing that they are in fact exercising.

With that in mind, here are some of the absolutely best camping sports in the whole of NH. If you pack up your tents and camp gear and head to any of these destinations, you will not be disappointed. Have fun exploring the sights at…

Seven Maples Campground in Hancock

Seven maples is a bit of a hidden gem. Even many people who work in this beautiful Granite State are unaware of its existence, which is such a shame because it is suitable for tent and RV  campers and there is a lot to do there – kayaking, swimming pools, a rec center and a huge playground to name but a few – that you can pretty much guarantee that a good time will be had by all and more than a few calories will be expended. If you can, try to hit it up when the annual pig roast is going on, and you won’t be disappointed! It’s such a wonderful place.

Ashuelot River Campground in Swanzey

This campground is perfect for those of you who are traveling with big rigs, but even if you’re carrying nothing more than a tent you will be catered for amply. This campground is also home to a few authentic cabins, so whatever you’re looking for in terms of accommodation, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

The great thing about this campground is that it offers numerous shuttle services so that when you aren’t wondering at the beauty of nature, you can go off fishing or boating. Oh, they offer free showers and inside activities for those really awful weather days too!

Woodmere Campground in Rindge

If you’re looking for a really family feel, head to Woodmere, which has been owned by the same family since the mid-1960s and which is set in 23 stunning acres of nature. Inside the camp, you’ll find places to fish, a boating dock, a huge wiffle ball field, arcade and even a basketball court. It’s a bit too late for this year, but they also run an amazing Prom Night Halloween event, which isn’t to be missed if you’re a lover of all things spooky – remember that for next year.

Keyser Pond Campground in Henniker

Although this campground is only around 15-minute drive away from Concord, you’d think you were in a different world when you enter it’s amazingly serene and green grounds. If hiking isn’t enough to keep you and the kids happy, volleyball, mini golf, outdoor movie screenings and DJ hosted dances surely will be.

Lost River Valley Campgrounds in North Woodstock

Whether you love beach swimming, basketball, fishing or badminton, this super fun camping sport will keep you entertained. Try to book one of the seasonal sites, which offer amazing mountain top views, for the best experience!

Where’s your favorite place to camp in New Hampshire?


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