An overflowing sink or basin is one of the most common plumbing problems that almost every homeowner is likely to face at least once. In most cases, this situation arises due to blockages and clogs that build up within the home’s drainage system, causing the water to float to the lip of the sink. An overflowing sink can become a major problem that can lead to serious water damage to your property if left unattended. Here are just some of the hidden dangers that an overflowing sink can cause to your property.

#1. Mold Growth:

One of the main issues that can be brought on by an overflowing sink is the production of mold in your home. If the right circumstances are present in your home, then mold growth is something that can happen extremely quickly. Since mold is a very dangerous fungus that can cause serious respiratory issues in people of all ages, this is a problem that should never be left to worsen. Living in a mold infested home can lead to serious sickness, and once the mold begins to grow, it can quickly spread throughout your home and become a very difficult problem to treat.

#2. Floor Joist Weakening:

Another main hidden danger of an overflowing sink that you may not notice until it’s too late is that it can weaken the integrity and strength of the floor joist. Once the water gets under the floor covering, it sits on the joists and subfloor rather than evaporating, since there is nowhere for the water to go. As it sits on the wood, it slowly rots it, leading to a weakened floor that can pose a serious future danger.

#3. Leaks:

Major leaks within your home are just another hazard that an overflowing sink can cause. If you have a second-floor bathroom, for example, then an overflowing sink in there can quickly cause water to leak down to the floors below, causing damage to your home furnishings and even posting a serious dangerous hazard if it gets close to electrical wiring, light fixtures, or electronic gadgets and appliances in your home.

#4. Other Safety Hazards:

Lastly, overflowing sinks in your home can quickly lead to water leaking out onto floors and surfaces where it can pose a big safety risk to yourself and your family members. Leaking water onto your floor can lead to unexpected slips and trips which in some cases can lead to serious injuries and even broken bones. A floor that has water on it can turn slippery very quickly, and you may not even be aware of the leak until you hurt yourself through a fall. For more information on pumping leaked water from your home and dealing with an overflowing sink, visit The Plumbing Info.

An overflowing sink can lead to serious issues with your home that are not only costly to fix, but can also be very risky to your health and safety. If you found this information helpful, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.