As we go through life, we find that some things that we do or have can give us more advantages in life than others. And a lot of that is to do with education. All career paths can be achieved with the right qualifications, but life isn’t all about the best job and getting one up on people. It’s about making life better for others, and for yourself. There are certain qualifications that can help you to enrich your life, as they allow you to help others and to help yourself. Most courses like this revolve around saving lives and improving yourself.

Basic Life Saving

A BLS certification can only be of help to you and others. More than just a first aid course, this sort of qualification covers many different scenarios and situations and can be easily built upon with further lessons to save and help even more people.

Animal First Aid

It isn’t just people who deserve our help, but animals too. Animal first aid is a course you can take which involves learning pet CPR, basic bandages and splints for animals and other treatments that might be needed before getting the injured animal to a vet. First aid isn’t limited to pets either; it can be used to help wild animals – although more caution is always advised when it comes to dealing with wild animals, let alone injured ones.


You should hope that you’re never in a situation to have to use this qualification or any of the previous ones for that matter, but having it could save someone’s life. It can also save your own. These courses don’t just teach you CPR and how to save a person from drowning, but also how to spot changes in open water and how best to combat freezing temperatures while in the water.

Survival 101

Not only will you learn how to build a fire and catch your own dinner, but also what food is poisonous, which animals are more likely to attack and how to save yourself in critical situations. These might not be things that you need to know at any point in your life, but we have seen enough natural disasters over the past few years that any survival skills you can learn might just save your life one day.


A leadership qualification, often paired with a management qualification, can be beneficial to you more than you think. A course in leadership can help you with work, and with many other aspects of your life – family, volunteering, youth work, the list goes on. It can also help you mentally. The confidence you can gain through becoming a better leader, the things you can learn about yourself, and improve on if you need to, can be a great revelation and a great strength.


A course in nutrition can help you to better yourself. By learning about the right things to eat, the best ways to exercise, you will improve your life by miles. You can pass on what you learn to others, to help them in the same way.