When it comes to home decor, we now have more inspiration than we’ve ever had before. Not so long ago, the only guide we had for the latest interior trends came from shows like the UK’s Changing Rooms. That, and the ever so emotional surprise makeover shows which peppered television in the nineties.

Now, though, the interior world is our oyster. No matter what room we’re decorating, we can turn to the internet and find out about trends we never even knew were in style. It’s a beautiful thing. Finally, we can get our homes looking exactly how we want them.

A few significant trends are doing the rounds at the moment, and all for much the same reasons. We live in an aesthetic age, and we all get our inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. It should come as no surprise, then, that this is where we get most of our interior ideas. If it looks good in an Instagram photo, it’s a trend worth following, right? This thinking has led us to minimalism. After all, who doesn’t love the crisp aesthetic of an empty room? And, let’s not forget about the industrial phase. Nothing quite says struggling artist like the warehouse look. Today, though, we’re going to focus on an old favorite – the bohemian style.

When Tumblr first tumbled onto our screens, bohemian bedrooms were everywhere. There were mattresses on the floor, and fairy lights galore. And, while this style has taken a back seat, it still has its place in the interior hall of fame for 2017. Which is why we’re going to consider a few of the ways you can create a bohemian bedroom of your own. If this goes well, you could even spread the theme through the rest of your home!

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A bed fit for a bohemian

As the bed is the centerpiece of the room, it makes sense to start here. True bohemians would, of course, opt for a mattress on the floor. It’s rustic, artsy, and with a few cute blankets, it can even look good. Many students do decide to go for this style, but they’re young and sprightly. In reality, sleeping this way is sure to lead to all back trouble for some of us. Not to mention that getting down there could become a bit of a chore.

But, fear not; there is a compromise. There are now many low bed frames on the market which could fulfil your need. With one of these, you can reach the bohemian aesthetic without putting your back out at the same time. Bear in mind that you need to be comfortable in your bed. If a standard frame is your only way of doing that, focus on other aspects of the room instead. But, if you think a lower frame would suit, this is sure to compliment the room. You’ll be sleeping like Oscar Wilde and so many of the great artists of the past. You never know; this could be the way to inspiration in your creative pursuits!

All about the art

Speaking of creation, bohemianism is often tied in with arts of all different kinds. Many writers of the past have lived the bohemian lifestyle so that they could write for a living. We’ve all seen Moulin Rouge, haven’t we? In fact, Paris was one of the bohemian centers of the world for a long time. Iconic artists and writers, including Wilde, Hemingway, and Picasso, all assembled there. While belongings were kept to a minimum, you could be sure there’d be some books and paintbrushes among their collections. And, you should ensure that these feature within your bedroom. You could go all out with this and implement some of the literary wallpaper we’ve spoken about before. This is sure to make art a central theme within the space, and keep you in touch with that ongoing bohemian creation. You could even go all out with a bookcase bed like those offered by Bedroom Furniture Discounts, who offer the best prices on top brands and will help you stick to a bohemian budget. After all, it doesn’t get much more bohemian than a bed filled with books.

Or, you might want to keep things more subtle. Merely installing bookcases along one wall would do the trick. Or, you could stay with the creative theme, and find new ways to display them. Open suitcases or trunks brimming with literature would work amazingly. Think, too, about how you could incorporate other forms of art. Bohemian living isn’t all about books. It’s also worth hanging some of your favorite art prints. You could even throw music into the mix with a rustic guitar leaning against the wall. You never know; having it there might inspire you to play it. But, even if you don’t, it’s sure to look good. And, you can pick these up in some second-hand stores for relatively cheap. However you choose to express yourself, think about inventive ways to incorporate this. After all, who doesn’t want to wake up inspired?

Did someone say distressed?

Of course, the whole origin of bohemia hinges on a lack of money. Isn’t that where the romance comes in? At its roots, this style was all about making do with less and acquiring pieces where possible. The classic bohemians would have subsisted from the charity of friends, or the rare paychecks they got for their work. As such, much of their furniture was second hand and old.In truth, boho furniture is no longer cheap. In fact, you’ll pay above the odds for distressed vintage pieces. That’s part and parcel of the trend. But, if you’re willing to pay a little more for a genuine vintage dresser, you can be sure it’ll look amazing alongside your design. Equally, an old desk could form the perfect addition. If you aren’t keen on the price tags of items like these, you could always settle for an alternative. Many modern designers have spotted and imitated pieces like these. It may seem strange, but these imitations are often much cheaper than the real thing. If you’re looking to save on your makeover, read tutorials about how to distress your old furniture. The process isn’t as complicated as you might think, and it’ll save you a lot of money in the long run. Plus, once you get the bug, you can distress anything you fancy, and stock your room without spending a penny.

And, your furniture isn’t the only thing that could enjoy the distressed look. Your floor also deserves some attention in this respect. There’s no getting around the fact that nothing screams bohemia quite as well as exposed wooden floorboards. And, we’re not talking about immaculate laminate flooring, either. Think taking the carpet up, and leaving the floor as it is. Obviously, you may want to treat it first. But, if the wood underneath is usable, then use it. Incorporate a rug to add a touch of warmth, and then let your floorboards do the talking. Or, if you think those gaps are a little too big, you could buy some purposefully distressed wooden floor. It shouldn’t be too tricky to find this, and you could lay it yourself to save money.

Let loose with lighting

As it’s important to leave no stone unturned, you should also think about lighting. As mentioned at the start of this post, fairy lights are your best bet here. Dim lighting like this will work best because true bohemians would have lived by candlelight. You can do that, too, if you want, but it could be a fire hazard. In comparison, fairy lights are a safe way to achieve the same atmosphere. How you present these is down to you. Some choose to drape them around the head of their beds, while others hang them from the ceiling like vines. Play around, and consider which method provides the most light.

As for the primary light in the room, it’s worth going bare. The stark contrast to your soft fairy lights may seem strange. But, a bare bulb can only add to that less is more image you’re after.

How about some hangings?

In modern-day bohemia, it’s also commonplace to have a little fun with hangings. Who can say what the real reason for this is, other than the fact that it looks good? It may, in part, relate to the more spiritual side of bohemia. Hanging a tribal tapestry on the wall behind your bed would look good. You could even turn one of these into some makeshift curtains. Some people even go as far as to hang many blankets like these and create a real hidden den vibe. Small, Tibetan style wall hangings would also look good around the room. Again, play around. Think about whether you’d like to go all out, or keep this subtle. Both styles can work well. What you choose just depends on your taste! Using these with your fairy lights is a sure way to bohemian bliss.