Fall can be an expensive time of year. Not only are the kids back at school, meaning you need to invest in a whole new set of clothes and shoes, but it’s the time of year when the pressures of Christmas and Thanksgiving can see even the strictest budget spiral out of control. Sure, you want your family to have a memorable holiday season but don’t forget its only once a year, not to mention, an excessive autumn will knock your budgeting for the New Year too. Saving money can seem impossible during Fall, but it need not be. In fact, it’s easy just to make a few small changes to make it even easier to keep some savings aside.


Budgets aren’t bad

It can be difficult to manage a budget, but don’t despair. In fact, if you stick to your budget, it can feel like something of an achievement if you manage to keep your savings on track. Set yourself weekly savings goals, and collect that loose change in a jar and save it towards a special family outing.  Saving doesn’t mean being a complete Scrooge either – so do leave some leeway for unexpected extras such as a forgotten present or ingredient that your holiday feast just isn’t complete without.


A great way to get your budget off to a healthy start is to use up any store cards or superstore points that you haven’t yet traded in. In fact, if you make some savvy shopping decisions you can shave dollars off your weekly total. You can also look to sell your unwanted cards for cash. Check out ejgiftcards.com for more information.


Get creative

Fall is a perfect time of year to get creative with all the family. Why not collect fallen leaves and create a collage with the kids or even go fruit picking with your nearest and dearest to get your ingredients for home made jelly and marmalade. Rather than buying in expensive, sugar-laden cookies see what you have in your store cupboards and make some tasty home baked treats for your family to enjoy. Getting the kids involved in the kitchen is an excellent way to keep them buying, but don’t forget to supervise them around hot ovens and sharp knives. When it comes to Christmas and Thanksgiving, your nearest and dearest will love some home made biscuits or muffins over an expensive gift. Enjoy getting creative and embrace the season.


Plan ahead

Planning ahead doesn’t have to be a military operation. Just through making a few small changes to your weekly budget will help you begin the New Year with a bank balance that’s a lot happier and healthier. If you are going away, why not take sandwiches or a picnic instead of buying an expensive lunch out? Take it in turns to host your family over the festive season, and get everyone to bring a dish. Do save those store coupons to get a few extra dollars off. Just by making a few changes you will notice a huge difference this Fall.