Going on vacation in the 21st century is better than it has ever been; with the advent of travel technology and the improvements we have made to it, we are able to see lots of different places in the world with relative ease. However, when you’ve got a family not all places are suitable, so we’re going to have to try to pick the right places to go! But what are they?

Vacation Parks

Vacation parks are seen all around the world and are brilliant for a family, regardless of the age of your kids! So what are they? Well, they operate similarly to an all inclusive hotel, except they are much more inclusive! Everything from food, shops and entertain is all contained within the site of the holiday park, meaning that you’re probably never going to have to use your car when you’re there!

This is suitable for families because these areas are incredibly safe so no one is ever going to be in danger, and if someone gets lost then it’s as simple as finding there way back or getting one of the members of staff to help them, they can’t go far!

Vacation Cruises

Going on a cruise is one of the more luxurious ways to have a holiday in the 21st century, and it’s price tag reflects that! Cruises are very similar to holiday parks in the fact that they are self contained; but cruises take you around the world as well as being self contained! These massive ships sail routes that are days, weeks or sometimes even months long. They will carry you all around the world, just make sure you like the route they’re taking!

You can go on an Antarctica cruise if you’re feeling brazen enough, so there truly is something for everyone. The cruise staff will make sure you’re fed and entertained, great for a stress free holiday.

All Inclusive Vacations

All inclusive hotels bridge the gap between getting a normal hotel and staying at a holiday park, so what do they offer? Well, firstly all inclusive hotels provide all of your meals and drinks for the duration of your stay so you’ll not have to worry about paying as it comes in the price.

They offer you more freedom than a park because you’re going to be able to go outside and enjoy the area around you instead of being confined to one place, whilst this is not always suitable for smaller children it is fantastic for when they get a bit older and want to start seeing the world!

All of these vacation options are brilliant for a family, if you want your kids to see the world then get on a cruise to somewhere crazy, if you want to have a relaxed time with your little ones with a suitable environment then go to a holiday park and if they’re getting older and want to go exploring then get an all inclusive hotel and let them roam free! You’re going to want to know how to keep safe abroad when you do go, so have a read of this to keep you safe.

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