Being a full time Mom can be tough. Working long hours and getting hot meals on the table, all while dealing with temper tantrums from the little ones, can mean you cave into pressure just to have a quiet mealtime. Sure, using those family favorites again and again will make life easier, but have you considered the calorie and sugar content of your store cupboard staples?

What if you could create the meals that your family know and love, with a fraction of the fat? Getting your family interested in healthy meals can seem like a tall order, but there’s no time like the present to start making a few small changes.

With the winter season rolling in, you might have a tendency to go completely off the straight and narrow when it comes to healthy eating choices – but not this year! Read on to find out just how easy it is to get the whole family cooking and eating well.

Back to Basics

Making sure you and your family all eat those healthy, wholesome foods means going back to basics. Review where you buy your meat and vegetables – is it organic? Check to see if you’re purchasing the best quality grass fed meat too, as cheaper cuts could be full of harmful hidden chemicals.

Why not sort out your stock cupboards and substitute white rice or pasta for brown varieties? Are you and your family a fan of cinnamon oatmeal cookies? That’s ok too – just switch your usual caramel or chocolate chunks for raisins and dried fruit. Your family are sure to love the changes too!

It can feel impossible to support your family in a healthy lifestyle when you are short on precious time, but Muscle Up Meals provides a complete and healthy menu that can be tailored to meet with your diet and health needs. Just by having a Los Angeles meal prep will give you the extra time with your family that you value so much.

Small Changes

Change can be a scary thought at the best of times. Yet don’t let it overwhelm you. You won’t make big changes overnight, so just keep any changes that you want to make a lot smaller and more manageable. Why not start by writing a weekly shopping list or setting a few home goals to keep your entire family focused and interested in healthy foods. Completely scrapping your usual routine and meal plans could be upsetting for everyone – so take it slow.


Little Chefs

Kids love cooking and getting their hands dirty, and there’s no reason why your kids can’t get involved in your new and improved meal times. Why not get your oldest to help design and create all your holiday table decorations to make them feel truly special? Younger children can be involved in cooking too – just make sure that they’re supervised at all times. Activities such as mixing and shaping are great for little hands. Be sure to get your kids back into the kitchen, and they’ll pick up great life skills and make lasting memories too.