No matter whether you live in America or abroad, you will no doubt have heard about Colorado. If you are a keen traveler, you should also have it as part of your travel itinerary.

If you have only heard of Colorado and don’t know what it possesses, you’re probably wondering what makes this state so special. With a combination of incredible nature, cultural ‘Wild West’ heritage and innumerable outdoor activities, there’s plenty to see and do when visiting Colorado.

For a closer look as to what makes this mountain state such a popular destination, read on for why you should be heading to Colorado in the near future.

Beauty in more ways than one

Go to Google, type in ‘Colorado’ and you will be met with countless image results that illustrate the aesthetic qualities of the place. Alongside being a photographer’s dream due to its sprawling and diverse landscape, its beauty doesn’t stop there. The state has a well-known warm and welcoming ambiance due to its residents, while the area is also peaceful and relaxing – making Colorado a top destination if you are looking to get away from it all and unwind.

An abundance of outdoor activities

If you are a person that enjoys getting outdoors and participating in sporting activities, Colorado is the ideal place to visit. The varied mountain terrains mean that skiing is enjoyable for all skill levels, while the excellent snow quality and abundant trails further enhance the experience.

Skiing is far from all that Colorado has to offer, too. You have a large number of hiking trails throughout the state, giving you the chance to explore this lush land on foot. On top of that, you also have river-based activities, biking and many other outdoor activities available.  

It’s a year-round destination

If you have only seen Colorado as a winter destination, it is time to change that mindset.

Yes, it is a great place for skiing and other winter activities as pointed out above, but this isn’t all that the state has going for it. The summer, for instance, not only brings in warmer weather that makes hiking more comfortable and river rafting possible, but it is also host to numerous events in the area.

Speaking of events, these include the Colorado State Fair, Hot Air Balloon Rodeo and Buffalo Bill Days.

Not short on quality accommodation options

Whether you want to stay in a large city or small town, Colorado boasts a wealth of accommodation options to match all styles, requirements and budgets.

While there are hotels, resorts, hostels and more available when it comes to booking accommodation, we particularly liked the freedom associated with staying in a condominium. This company, for example, delivers contemporary and well-equipped condos throughout Snowmass, ensuring you have the ability to choose where you specifically want to be based in the village. Not only that, but select condos also come equipped with luxury benefits such as access to hot tubs and direct ski-in/ski-out access!