Are you feeling like you are on a treadmill with work overload, being under appreciated, and feeling sluggish? When you are living such a busy life, it is important to factor in ways to help alleviate symptoms of stress before things escalate, and you hit the point where you feel there is no return. Here are ways that you can kick stress to the curb, and live your life happier and more in control.

Plan a vacation

A busy day to day schedule and the stresses it brings are made bearable by the promise of a great reward: a vacation. Get your diary and block out the time that you are going to go away. Whether you are going as a family, or just as a couple, you need this time to unwind and to provide you with the motivation to keep on going. Check out, an award-winning hotel in Mont-Tremblant – you can truly relax in luxury surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Pick the phone up

Call upon your support network in times of stress. Reaching out to your friends and loved ones is a highly effective stress management tool, and a problem shared is a problem halved. By talking your anxieties over with friends, they can offer a fresh perspective and turn your worries into solvable issues.

Put the devices down

Once you have rallied your support network and arranged your meetups, put your phone and all other devices down, and that includes the television. Media overload is the sixth top cause of stress in the USA. Focus on yourself, clear your mind and work through your worries without distraction. Think of things to do that will help you relax: read a book, bake a cake or even pick up a broom – anything that requires very little from you. The simplicity will feel refreshing.

Get outside

Take a brisk stroll outside to clear away those cobwebs. Walking at a faster than normal pace makes the blood circulate your body quicker, and increases oxygen to your brain and boosts those endorphins to reduce stress hormones and alleviate mild depression. Schedule a walk in every day, get up earlier than the kids to make sure that you can go solo to make the most of this time for contemplation. The morning sun will increase your serotonin levels and leave you feeling great. What a wonderful way to start your day.

Start a journal

Starting a journal is a great form of therapy that costs barely anything. Do not think that this journal is to be a pity party, far from it; use the journal as a way for documenting daily activities and occasions for which you are grateful. You will be able to see how on some days your gratitude may just be for waking up in the morning, and other days your post will be full to the brim of positives that you have observed. Gradually you will train yourself only to notice the positives, and areas of your life that you have been stressing about appear less difficult to deal with.