There’s an incorrect belief that entrepreneurs are ruthless business people. It’s a stereotype many of us fall back on, and there’s no denying that it’s sometimes correct. But, not all those who go it alone are so business orientated.

In fact, many solopreneurs are quiet people on a quest to get away from harsh working environments. Such individuals may not even be aiming for big success or hoards of employees. For a lot of us, the idea of living a life we enjoy is incentive enough to keep going.

But, that’s not to say we’d laugh in the face of success. Who doesn’t want their project to make the big-time? But, when that happens, you may find yourself in a position you never anticipated. You may have to expand your enterprise, and even consider taking on your first employee.

If you’re shy, the idea of managing a team is petrifying. You don’t have the first clue about management, and it’s not what you had in mind when you started this. The good news is, with a little thought, you could become the manager you always wanted to work under. Here’s how.

Get the training

First, consider doing something like this project management training course. Courses like these will give you a good idea of the technical requirements of managing a team. They’ll ensure you can handle job delegation, time management, and the technicalities of your new role. It’s essential you gain some understanding of these to stand a chance at success. Having this under your belt will also help with your confidence, which is so critical to achieving the right levels of respect.

The right team behind you

A manager is only ever as good as their team. With that in mind, it’s worth taking special care over who you employ. The worst aspect of management for shy people is the disciplinary side. The idea of addressing issues, or worse, firing someone, is never pleasant.

Of course, no manager can guarantee they won’t find themselves in that position. But, if you take care over who you employ, you can at least reduce the chances. If you get a team who share your passion for your project, your management role will be much more relaxed. Looking out for experienced individuals with warm natures and good work ethics should serve you well. It also helps if your project is in something they’re passionate about. They’re more likely to give it their all!

Find a management style which suits you

Arguably, the most important thing is to find a management style of your own. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. The stereotype of a ‘commanding manager’ may not suit you, but that doesn’t mean this can’t work. There’s no denying that you need the respect of your colleagues, but how you get that is up to you. Being a fair manager who treats your colleagues in the right way should be all it takes. The rest is down to you.

By Erica Buteau

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