Here’s the Lowdown on the Laurentian region

Head north from the Canadian city of Montreal, and you’ll find yourself in the Laurentian region – named after the chain of mountains that runs down it northern side. As well as stunning scenery, of which there is loads, you’ll also discover interesting villages. In the winter, skiers and snowboarders head here – but there’s plenty to see and do all year round, if you’re planning a visit.

A Quebec gem

The Laurentians have been bringing visitors to Quebec for decades. Montreal skiers were hitting the slopes in their masses as early as the late 1930s, and it’s gone on to become a favorite winter sports destination, including Mont Tremblant which sits in the region. It’s a jewel in Canada’s crown.

There are mountains of course, but you’ll also come across freshwater lakes and lots of small towns and villages.

Outdoor sports aplenty

As well as skiing and snowboarding in the winter, the Laurentian region also attracts activity hunters hungry to do some ice-climbing and snowmobiling. It’s also a great place to go kayaking and rafting. It goes without saying that there are also walking trails too, from which you can take in all of that natural beauty – those stunning vistas that will make your trip memorable.

Best times to visit the Laurentian region

If you’re looking for some winter sports action, it’s good to visit the Laurentians from December to March. If you’re heading to the region during the summer, June to August is a good time to catch all of the activities.

Getting around the Laurentian region

If you’re not on your skis or snowboard, then a car, two feet or a bike will do! You can rent a car from Mont Tremblant airport, and visiting the small towns is always fun by bike, taking it at a leisurely pace. You can rent a bicycle locally. You may not do loads of pedalling as you’re sure to be stopping off a lot to take in the nature around you.

Where to sleep in the Laurentian region

This area has got a huge choice of places to stay for a night or longer, ranging from hotels to BnB’s, and cottages to condos. In fact, one of the largest concentrations of resorts in Eastern Canada. For inspiration, why not check out

Souvenirs and delicacies in the Laurentian region

Take a look around the shops and stalls you come across, and you’re bound to find a taste of the Laurentians. There are lots of different foods to try out while you’re in the region, including specialty local cheeses and home-made chocolates – and, if you don’t eat them all, maybe they’re a good gift to take home. You can also pick up presents like handcrafted Quebec ceramics.

Getting to the Laurentians

You would think that the Laurentians and Mont Tremblant would be a long way from city life. But they’re not. The region sits to the north of Montreal, and the journey from there is around 90 minutes. It’s also easily reachable from Ottawa.

If you’re in Toronto, you can always catch a direct flight from there to Mont-Tremblant International Airport, in La Macaza.