The benefits of a truly clean house are unknown to many, because actually getting a house completely clean is anything but a simple, quick process. That said, it is possible, and you’ll find new technology is at the heart of the process. Cleaning doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to be difficult and it is certainly much easier today than it has been at any other time. So, what can you do to make your home truly spotless?

Dirt in High Places

Gravity is a concern when cleaning. Anyone with any experience will recognize why. In order to prevent the dirt you can’t catch from ending up buried in your carpet, tile or furniture, you have to start at the top, and believe it or not, a vacuum is a good way to make sure whatever is lurking overhead doesn’t have to be cleaned up twice. Almost all shop-vac units have extensions and brushes that can be utilized to clean “up.”


Dirt that didn’t land on your ceiling fan probably ended up in your vents and then got caught in your air conditioner. If you really want to prevent your clean house from being covered in the dirt hiding in your vents, you have to clean everything you can’t see. Companies like Ben’s Cleaner Sales will agree your vacuum and pressure washer will help you here. One will make it easy to brush standing dirt and collect deep-seated dirt at the same time and the other will take care of the vent covers handily.

Blinds and Curtains

There are companies and specialists who know everything there is to know about cleaning curtains. This is something you probably shouldn’t try on your own as it can be expensive and fraught with hazards. Blinds, on the other hand, can be cleaned to a shining brand new with a vinegar solution. You would be surprised at how many basic household substances serve as excellent cleaning agents. Learning them all is a good first step towards being able to clean nearly anything effortlessly.

Lint Collector

Everyone knows how to get lint out of the dryer filter, but what about the hose? Would it surprise you to learn that dryer hose can be a fire hazard? Here again is a good use for your vacuum. Make sure you get all the debris and lint out of your dryer lint hose as often as is practical. Otherwise that lint will either end up in your laundry room or in your vents.

Cleaning is a process, but it can be made a lot easier and save money in the long run if the less obvious parts of your house get cleaned along with the basics.