A lot of people think that, if you’re a blogger,  working from home, you have the sweet life and you don’t actually have to do very much work at all! Anyone who actually blogs for a living knows that the reality is very different. As a blogger, you have to write lots of quality content on a regular basis, and that’s before you work on improving your site’s design, finding new affiliates and attending events. It really can be tough sometimes.

The good new is that there are lots of great productivity tools for bloggers, which will allow you to claw some of your time back and perhaps do a little of the kind of living people think you do!


Stayfocusd is a fantastic chrome extension which can be used to clock time-sucking websites for a period of time so that you’re not tempted down the rabbit hole when you should be working. If you’re the kind of blogger who tells yourself, you’ll just check your facebook comments for a couple of minutes, only to waste the whole day on there, this is the tool for you.

Business Email

Free email is great, but business email is even better, especially for us bloggers. For a few dollars each month, a good business email tool will sync your emails across all devices, so you always have access to them wherever you go. Some premium email tools, like Polymail, will also allow you to schedule your emails so that you can write them when it’s convenient for you and then send them at a later date.


Every blogger should use Evernote – a note taking app that allows you to create and share notes across your devices. It makes researching blog posts even easier and ensures that you can access all of your information even when you’re not at your computer because it will sync with your phone or tablet.


PicMonkey is a great app for designing graphics quickly. It has lots of templates to choose from, and the interface is a dream to use. No longer will you have to spend hours in Photoshop trying to get the perfect graphic to go with your latest post!


Infographics are really popular right now, and if you can create a good one, there’s a good chance your visitor numbers will spike. However, they can be very time consuming to create, UNLESS you use Piktochart.

This cool tool makes the creation of infographics, as well as banners and presentations, so simple that it is worth every penny of the $29/month it costs to have access to the pro version of the software.


Buffer is a blogger’s best friend because it enables you to schedule social media posts ahead of the time. That means you really could be living it up on the beach as your latest post goers while. If you find writing in batches is the most productive ways for you, it really is a boon because it will post all of your scheduled content to all of your platforms at once!

Are you a blogger? What productivity tools are in your blogging toolkit?