The last thing you want to find out is that your loved one has an addiction. However, knowing is a lot better than not knowing. When you know a family member suffers from an addiction, you can look for ways to help. When people are aware their loved ones are addicted, they can encourage them to seek addiction recovery. To make sure you can find your loved one help as soon as possible, watch for the following signs that you family member has fallen into an addiction.

1. Secretive Behavior

If your loved ones suddenly start becoming secretive about their activities, you may have cause for concern. Addicts do not want their family, friends and coworkers to know about their problems, and they will go to great lengths to hide them. Anytime you have a family member who suddenly starts hiding things from you, make sure to observe closely for further signs of addiction.

2. Lying Frequently

When you love people, you do not lie to them unless something is seriously wrong. That certainly describes the situation when a person’s life is spiraling out of control due to addiction. When your loved one starts showing signs of secretive behavior, you will naturally ask questions. When you discover that your loved one repeatedly lies in answer to these questions, it is a serious red flag that an addiction may lie at the heart of the problem.

3. Mood Swings

Another common sign of addiction is unexplained mood swings. When your loved one suddenly starts acting more emotional than usual, you may want to be wary of addiction. These moods can be both positive and negative. Be just as suspicious of unexplained exuberance as you are of anger and sadness.

4. Change in Energy Levels

This is one of the most common signs of addiction. No matter what kind of addiction it is, it will eventually sap the addict’s energy levels. If your loved one suddenly starts sleeping more than usual, it could be a sign of addiction. The same goes for insomnia and other sleep issues. Someone who is suddenly full of all sorts of unexplained energy should also be watched for other signs of addiction. Any changes to energy levels or sleep patterns should be a cause for concern.

5. Loss of Interest in Once Pleasurable Activities

A common warning sign of addiction is when someone suddenly loses interests in things they once enjoyed. Addicts often lose the desire for sex, eating, hobbies and all the other joys of life they once relished. If your loved one suddenly stops being interested in the things they used to enjoy, it is a sign something is definitely wrong. It could very well be an addiction.

6. Changes in Appearance

Addiction is a destructive force. When people are lost in their addictions, they stop eating, sleeping and taking care of themselves like they should. This can lead to weight loss, sunken cheeks, bags under their eyes and other physical signs. If you have a family member who is looking ragged for no discernible reason, be concerned that drug, gambling or porn addiction help may be necessary.

Addiction is a tornado that destroy the lives of addicts and deals a lot of collateral damage to the people who love them. It breaks the hearts of the people who care about them when addicts sink into the depths of addiction right before their eyes. You need to be able to recognize the signs of addiction so that you can get the crucial help your family member desperately needs before it is too late.