There’s no doubt that it’s easy to feel alienated from the world when you’re a Mom. Few things make this clearer than the blogger meetups and events that are often doing the rounds on social media; lots of photos of people together, celebrating their unique hobby (or career) and engaging in lots of fun and excitement. The only problem is, these events are rarely held in places accessible to those bloggers who don’t have access to easy childcare and can travel to the major cities.

While there are online options for conferences, it’s not quite the same as being able to chat with someone at leisure about a hobby that you both enjoy. Blogger conferences tend to be on a huge scale… but do they need to be?

Giving how popular blogging is both as a hobby and an income stream, there’s a good chance there are women living within a few miles of you who are also bloggers. Women who, like you, find it impossible to attend one of the big events and meetups due to the limitations of distance.

So – why not dip a toe into the water and see if you could host one for yourself?

Partner Up

While you can organize such an event by yourself, it’s going to be far easier if you partner up with a couple of like-minded women in your area. Using forums and social media, you could advertise that you’re looking for partners in a specific area and see what comes back. This will also give you some idea of the number of people who might be interested in attending.

Conferences Can Be Small

The huge, prolific blogger conferences are often overwhelming in their scale, requiring months of painstaking organization. What you could aim to do doesn’t need to be anything near that size; the benefit of keeping things small and local is that your target market is going to be much smaller. Keep track of everyone who wants to attend with solutions like CalendarSpots and book a venue large enough for confirmed attendees, with a few spare for on-the-day walk ups, and you’re good.

Get Local Business Involved

If you’re concerned about raising the money to hire a venue, then it’s worth reaching out to local businesses to see if they might be interested in sponsorship. Small businesses might not be able to afford to advertise at the big events, but will leap at the chance to be involved with a smaller, more local, more focused conference.

Organize A Program

When you’ve got ideas, a venue, and attendees, you need to know what you’re going to do. There’s no harm in asking prolific bloggers if they will attend, though they may ask for a fee, so be aware of that. If not, you’re the organizer, you’re a blogger – why don’t you and your co-creators take center stage and discuss the issues that riddle the blog industry? It’s a chance for promotion and connection with your peers – what could be better?