Growing food at home is a very fun endeavor, it’s a labor of love that takes time and effort to produce something worthwhile! But it does take skill and preparation to grow something that is safe to eat, so you need to prepare before you even start! Here are top 3 things to do when growing your own food.

Ensure The Area Is Fully Prepared

Growing food in your backyard is no easy feat as they require lots of attendance right from the start. The main factor in the success of your growing depends on the area that it grows in. If the soil that your crops are planted in isn’t of good quality, meaning it has little water and nutrients present that it needs, you will not get a very good rate of growth!

Even though you are only doing it recreationally, it is important to use the right kind of fertilizer for you mini crops. Another thing to do is to properly section off your plants from the rest of your garden. You could get a Fencing Direct chain link fence to section off your crops from the rest of your garden space, this can protect your crops from pets and insects alike!

Make Sure You Have Survivable Crops

Crops need to be able to survive in the environment that you put them into! If you don’t grow the proper crops that can survive in the climate that you live in they’ll just end up dying, wasting your time and money. SeedsNow offer a wide range of seeds for purchase, each one telling you what environmental requirements they have!

Because of the makeup of their DNA, some crops will be more picky than others with their environments, if you’re looking for something easy to grow then get something that will grow in all conditions; a hardy crop. But if you’re looking for more of a challenge choose a more environmentally sensitive crop, it’ll be much harder to grow but it’ll be worth it!

Know How Long They Take To Grow

Almost all plants grow at different rates, and this means they will all reach maturity at different speeds. It’s important to know when your crop is mature so then you can dig it out of the ground and eat (or sell!) it.

If you leave a crop in the ground after it’s reached maturity you will not get any more growth, and you will risk the crop dying and rotting which is not what you want for your hard work! Websites like SFGate have articles on the growing times of different crops. Many of them have different growing seasons, so be sure to check that out too to make sure that you grow them at the perfect time of year!


If you do all of these 3 things before you start your crop growing journey, you will avoid the major disasters that people often have. You’ll remove the risk of having infertile ground, you’ll not have to worry about any creatures blundering into your crops and they’ll be suitable for your environment!

However you can’t do any of this without a well maintained garden first, so if you’re thinking of doing this but don’t even know where to start in looking after your garden, read this. Have fun growing food – I sure do! 

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