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Whether it’s for travel, an exciting new activity to try or a product I’m purchasing I always try to check Groupon to get the best deal. Groupon Coupons takes things to a whole new level! Can you believe that they offer free coupons for more than 9,000 stores we are probably already shopping at?

With every store flooding it’s isles with back-to-school supplies, comes a harsh reminder that summer is fading fast. And, for parents – that it’s time yet again to break open our piggy banks and start stocking up on school supplies, school clothes and more.

Even with the most frugal shopping, back-to-school shopping can break the bank if you’re not careful. One of the best ways to save is to shop around, and take advantage of Groupon coupons!

Amazon on Groupon

Check out Amazon on Groupon for some of the best deals on school supplies. Groupon has more than 156 deals on Amazon items AND they are offering free shipping on Amazon items without the need for Amazon Prime.

Walgreens on Groupon

Drug stores tend to have great back to school deals, too! I like the variety and savings at Walgreens and that I can save even more by first checking Walgreens on Groupon for additional deals. Groupon has 42 deals for Walgreens right now!

Target on Groupon


Rue21 on Groupon

Rue21 is absolutely awesome for back to school shopping! And, I’ll be the first to admit that while the store is primarily geared toward teenagers, my closes has plenty of Rue21 in it. I can’t pass up the deals there, seriously! And, when you combine Rue21 with Groupon, well hello savings! Right now they have 61 deals waiting to help you save!

Nordstrom Rack on Groupon

If you’re looking for a little more name-brand clothing for your back-to-school shopping, check out Nordstrom Rack on Groupon for more than 70 deals that will keep cash in your pocket!

Target on Groupon

Ahhh, yes! One stop shop for everything back to school without being sidetracked by those cute throw pillows and other fun home decor items catching your eye in the isles. Check out Target on Groupon for 47 deals to get you saving such as $5 off a $50 purchase AND free shipping!

Groupon Coupons for Days

Seriosly, this is just a small sampling of the incredible stores that you can find Groupon Coupons for. Some others include Macy’s, , Verizon Wireless, the Microsoft Store and Aeropostale. There are also a ton of stores that aren’t specifically related to Back to School shopping like Home Depot,, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Guys, there are even Groupon Coupons for Ebay!