Each year, many families are torn apart due to drug and alcohol abuse.  Many of those who are addicted are adult children.  But convincing your adult child that they need to go to rehab can be a difficult challenge.  Seeing your child being controlled by a substance can be a heart-breaking situation.  Not only is the threat of overdose a real issue, dealing with other emotional aspects of the situation can be very draining on everyone involved.  Today, we are going to learn some tips that will help you convince your adult child to get into a rehab program.

Do Some Research Before Approaching Them

Before you approach your adult child about rehab, make sure that you do your research first.  A good drug rehab program will offer a wide range of different treatments depending on the patient’s needs.  But, not all of these programs will be right for your adult child.  So, make sure that you learn as much as you can and choose one that you feel best suited for your family’s needs.  Remember that rehab can save your child’s life.  That’s why finding a program that works is highly important.  A great place to do your research is, of course, the internet.  This will allow you to browse many different rehab programs confidentially and without your child finding out.  

Don’t Judge Them

Instead of passing judgment on your adult child, give them compassion.  Drug and alcohol addiction are serious issues to deal with alone.  So, make sure that you offer your child your full support throughout the recovery process.  It will be a long and difficult road but one that you must go down before healing can begin.  Make sure that you talk with your child and try to understand what they are going through.  It may be difficult for you to understand why they keep going back to their old habits, so talking with them can help.  For more information on how to support your adult child through this difficult time, please check out this helpful link.  

Highlight the Advantages of Sobriety

Selling your adult child on the idea of rehab can often be as much about showing them the kind of future they could have if they leave behind their substance abuse issues. Many people with a problem are sensitive, scared, but ultimately smart and capable individuals. If they can give up drinking or drugs, then there is a positive future out there. Even if they have to deal with a DUI charge or another unpleasant aspect of their past, you and your family – and their friends – will support them in moving to that better future. Knowing they haven’t burned all their bridges can often disengage a person from the nihilism of addiction.

Get Real and Stop Enabling Them

You love your child very much and helping them out with money and other financial support is something that most parents want to do.  But with a child that is addicted to drugs and alcohol, enabling can put them in a bad place.  Adult children will often feel that their parents should support them and even give them money that they will use for drugs.  But in order to stop addiction and get them on the right path, you will have to stop enabling them.  Instead, offer them the option of going to rehab.  That way, the money you are spending will be going to a better cause that will help them recover.  To learn more on how to stop enabling your adult child, check out this website.

These simple but effective tips will help you start the rehab conversation with your adult child.  Remember that at first, he or she will probably be resistant.  But with compassion, love, and persistence, your child will soon get the help they need.