Whether you’ve just started a blog or you’re looking to give an existing blog a boost, marketing your blog can be difficult if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Luckily for you, plenty of bloggers have been there before, and the lessons learned from their experiences can help you market your blog easily and effectively to boost your page viewers and get them to engage with your content.

Use social media

Today, the easiest way to get people to visit your blog is to push your posts on social media. Use your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to publicize your posts and encourage people to click through to your blog. Clever copy and eye-catching photos will help with this. If social media is a weak point for you, some advice on creating a social media marketing campaign could help. You can always speak to a digital professional who could plan and schedule content for you so that all you need to do is focus on your blogging.

Run a competition

Some type of giveaway will help to draw people to your blog – especially if you can offer a good prize. Try not to have it something to localized like a voucher to a local spa or restaurant, and offer it internationally if possible. Make sure the rules of the giveaway include one that forces them to share your blog across a social media account or to recommend to a friend, this is a good way to easily spread the word. Make sure your rules are fair and explained clearly to ensure everyone who wants to enter can do so easily.

Consult a marketing agency

If you’ve got a good blog to promote and are willing to put a bit of money behind it, using a marketing or advertising agency could be an effective way to get results, using professionals to strategize and come up with ways to sell your blog to your target audience. Go to your chosen advertising agency with a budget, and they will detail what is possible to stop you overspending and make sure that you get the most value for your money.

Guest blog

Guest blogging is a good way to get exposure for your blog, helping you to gain readers through hosting a post on another site. By researching blogs to find the best outlets for your guest post, you can design an effective strategy and get your blog notices. Many bloggers welcome guest bloggers because it provides free content on their own, giving them a much-needed break and something fresh for their readers to take in.

If your market efforts don’t quite pay off the way you’d hoped, then you may need to access the content of your blog. There are many ways to improve your blog content, which may need a bit of tough self-evaluation from you. Blogs don’t become successful overnight; they need time to develop a good following, which will be worth it after you’ve put in the hard work.