Some of us are just not content with our jobs, and there is nothing wrong with that. After all, many of us work to live, and it isn’t the other way round. But that doesn’t mean you can at some point have a career that you love and feel passionate about. At any time, be that straight after university, during your current career, a stint after maternity leave, or even right up before or after you retire. At any point, you can take the courage to decide that your current career isn’t for you and change things. However, it is a big decision, so I thought I would share with you some tips to help you succeed.

Get your resume up to date

One of the first steps to take is to ensure that your resume is completely up to date. That means re-writing some of your past experience, including your current job and responsibilities as well as updating any change of address and contact details. A resume is often your first chance to make an impression, and if it isn’t done right, it could be your downfall. Thankfully there are plenty of tutorials online to help you write a resume that will stand out.

Learn a new skill or advance your current skillset

Sometimes a change of career means a new industry to work and even different qualifications to obtain and a subject to learn from scratch. This can be exciting, and one of the easiest ways to get started would be to look into university courses online. Sometimes home learning can be the simplest and most cost effective of obtaining the qualifications and knowledge you need for a different career direction.

Think about the career you want

It’s important to spend some time thinking about the career you want to do and what direction you wish to take. Too often, we can be taken to an idea that might not be viable or even suit our personalities. Do plenty of research and look at the pros and cons of any given career option.

Will it work around your lifestyle and family?

One key factor to think about would be to consider your current lifestyle and family. It’s all well and good having dreams to be a chef, for example, but having a family to take care of might mean the unsociable hours wouldn’t fit with your life. Think about your needs for the family as well as your own, this will help you to obtain a better work and life balance. Which is what most of us are striving for.

Prepare hard for an interview

Finally, once you have done all of that and secured yourself an interview the hard work is nearly over. You just have one hurdle to overcome, and that is the interview. You need to prepare in advance. Think about the answers you will give to obvious questions, think about what you want to say yourself and also how you present yourself.

I hope these tips help you land a job in a career you love.