Dubai is a place of luxury and beauty. Now home to some of the richest people and been inventing seven-star hotels, it’s difficult to see how a family could ever go on a budget.

During peak summer when you cannot take children for outdoor activities there plenty of indoor activities in the shopping malls The Dubai mall the biggest in the world has indoor theme parks, entertainment centers and attractions for children to enjoy.  Dubai is safe and a very friendly place for families and children. Remember to take care of yourself while on holiday

Go Skiing in Dubai

Who would have thought that Dubai would have a ski park? One of the first ski resorts in the Middle East. The best place to go to cool off and keep the children entertained. Ski Dubai located in the great mall Emirates is the perfect place for the whole family, children must be over the age of 2. One of the largest indoor snow park it includes bobsledding, tobogganing, chairlifts, and penguins. The park of course additionally has ski and snowboarding Remember to take care of yourself during the holiday in the heat and follow the top tips to a great trip.

Indulge in a world of color

Step into a life-sized art palette and painting. The Dubai Miracle Garden is gorgeous and a must see. The attraction is popular with families as it’s a break from the busy city life and beaches. The garden includes a butterfly garden for children to enjoy and learn about.

Best of the Best

Struggling to find things to do to cater to everyone can be daunting. Researching the best things to do in Dubai check out the best offers and deals alongside activities for families and groups. There is plenty of different things to do from nature, tours and of course shopping.

Dubai Mall Dino

Incredibly popular with families with small children, the dino exhibit so popular that top tip is to arrive at the mall early doors open at 8 am. The first thing to do is to make way to the resident female Diplodocus skeleton which stands proudly at the entrance of Grand Atrium.

After head to the Dubai Garden Centre a giant outdoor space which is filled with trees and plants. In amongst the garden are hidden animal statutes to seek out and spot the lifelike creatures.The best bit is the exhibit is completely free perfect for those who love dinosaurs!

Dubai Mall Aquarium

The Dubai Mall Aquarium located inside the famous Dubai mall is one of the largest suspended aquarium in the world and the most popular attraction with children.The aquarium is home to thousands of sea life species not exhibited anywhere in the world. The must see for anyone of all ages is the King Croc weighing in at a whopping 750 kg, to sum up, how heavy that is, he’s as heavy as 14 men and measure the length of 6 supermarket shopping carts!

Dubai is becoming increasingly popular with everyone of all ages and has more to offer than just vast areas of being the shopping capital of the world. The area is more than a vast area of fast cars and shops, it offers culture and a great way to educate your children.