Whether your child is a newborn baby or already in preschool, it’s never easy to carry around your little one during travels. However, there are ways to make it more convenient for you and your kid.

At the top of the list is a baby carrier – top tips for plus size mom when traveling is a must.

Especially if you’re a first-time parent on your first plane ride or road trip, this will come in handy, I guarantee you. I will even go ahead and say this has been a lifesaver for me many times.

So if you’re thinking whether you should ditch this when packing, just don’t.

Important Tips:


  1.    Pick the right product – just like when shopping for any baby gear. HiFiveBaby lists the top five best carrier for plus size mothers.

This part is crucial because you should always buy the item that best suits your needs and of course, your curves.

There are several types, and some also have additional features like detachable sun visor or extra large pockets for small essentials like smartphone, keys and cards.

But while all that are great add-ons, the most important consideration would be safety and comfort – you should never compromise any of the two especially if you’re planning on using the carrier for hours.

  1.    Bring the carrier with you AT ALL TIMES. If you brought a stroller too, you could still throw in the carrier in your diaper bag.

Don’t leave without it. Why? Your little one might get overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of new surroundings and unfamiliar faces.

You can keep them feeling safe and secured by using a carrier to keep them close – whether it’s on the plane or wherever. (source)

Besides, if you’re breastfeeding, you wouldn’t need a nursing cover when it’s feeding time. Here’s a tip: when they start getting irritable, hold them close. That’s pretty much like telling them, “Mommy’s here. There’s no need to worry.”

  1.    Opt for a lightweight carrier. (source)

Avoid packing big and bulky ones, but you can still bring the soft-structured carriers or even a mei-tai just as long as it will fit in your pouch or bag.

Personally, I prefer wraps or ring slings because you can just fold or roll them and they won’t take up too much space – they’re just long fabrics, so there’s no buckle or anything that adds unnecessary bulk.

It’s a lot like including extra clothes or bibs. Unlike with other types, some could occupy almost half of your diaper bag.

  1.    Consider your itinerary. (source)

Some parents like to bring both carrier and stroller but for me, I often just think about the places where we will go (theme parks? malls?) and choose whatever seems convenient.

If we’re visiting big spaces and it’s stroller-friendly, I’d go for that. But if we’re about to head into crowded areas and there’s the possibility of queuing, then, of course, I’d go for carriers.

To be fair, carriers are more versatile because they offer convenience in almost any kind of setting – you just put the child in and carry them. That’s yet another advantage.

  1.    If you can, bring an extra carrier. Based on my experience, it’s often inevitable that things will get messy.

Whether it’s drool or food, stuff can stick with your carrier, and if you don’t have access to laundry and drying, then it can be a problem.

It’s this kind of situation when smaller carriers again provide plenty of benefits. Since they take up little space and don’t have that much bulk, packing two of everything should be relatively easy.

In all honesty, I always tend to over-pack because as much as I can, I want replacements if some things get dirty or we’re unable to use any of them.

  1.    Even if carriers provide comfort and convenience to plus size moms, you should always choose hotels with elevators (source).

It’s not exactly how you’d picture your vacation (if that’s what it is) if you have to climb up and down the stairs when leaving the hotel.

Another tip is, don’t check into the first one you find. Some apps and websites allow you to compare hotels based on your budget, type of room you’re looking for and the number of occupants.

It’s best to go for one nearest the places you will visit. And each time you leave, double check to make sure you have the carrier in case you’re not yet carrying the baby in it.


Traveling with kids is challenging, but at the end of the day, it’s fun because everyone gets to have a grand time.

There will be bumps in the road like tantrums or unexpected events, but that happens to every parent, trust me.

You can’t control everything, so the best way to deal with them is by being equipped and prepared.

Thus, it’s important to bring a baby carrier since it’s a foolproof way of making sure that you can calm down the baby and also use both hands even while keeping the child close – a win-win for anyone if you ask me.