You are nearly at the end of the race.

Whether you have a buyer lined up for your house or you’re a first-time buyer, it’s been a long road. You hunted for properties, dismissed some on sight while worrying over others for days on end. You’ve researched everything you can possibly research about the area of your chosen abode. You’ve made an offer; it’s been accepted. All that’s left is the paperwork – not exactly the easy bit, but nothing compared to the process of viewing houses and making choices. You’re on the home stretch; the finishing line is in sight…

… and your mind is going wild with thoughts.

Firstly: don’t worry! It’s completely normal to be beset by last minute doubts, panic, and sudden worries that you’re making a big mistake. As shows, it can take awhile to buy a house, but that doesn’t always give you the chance for the full mental adjustment required. This is a big deal – it’s probably the most expensive purchase you have ever made in your life. A couple of last minute yips aren’t a bad sign and, as you’ll soon discover, your thoughts are more common than you might think…

1) “I am making a terrible mistake…”

Where you previously loved the house and could see you and your kids living there for years to come, now all you see are the flaws. No longer are you enchanted by this new home; your mind is racing with all the ways it could go wrong or cause unhappiness.

Again: this is totally normal. If you loved the house enough to even get to this stage, then a last minute wobble is nothing more than that – a last minute wobble, which you can dismiss.

2) “Have I done everything I should have?”

There are a few necessities before buying any house that you should go through. Even if you have meticulously checked through a list of the “must dos”, you’ll still worry that you have missed something vital.

This is why it’s important, prior to putting in an offer, to write down a list of all the things you want to check and verify prior to buying. A good starting point for what to include is available at This list then becomes your bible, which you check back against as you navigate the purchasing process. If everything is ticked off – which will usually take a few weeks, giving you plenty of time to notice any glaring omissions – then you can be reassured you have done everything you should.

3) “This is going to be so much hassle!”

Finally, it’s around the closing stage that the realities of moving home begin to set in. Up until this point, moving was an abstract. You focused on the good parts; the new house, the improvement to your lifestyle, the way you’ll have more space or live in a better part of town. Now you’re nearing the end of the legal process, it’s all becoming rather real. Now, you’re focusing on the stress of moving and the upheaval that goes along with it.

Just make this statement your mantra to get you through it: “it will all be worth it in the end!”