There’s a trend right now among designers to opt for stark, cold-looking rooms thanks to both minimalism and modernism. Both styles emphasize white and gray with little else in between. While this might give rooms an updated look, it’s not exactly what you might call a cozy space.

Minimalism is great for showrooms and giving people an idea of what they could do if they decided to buy a house. But, for most people, it’s not how they want to live.

Here we’re going to look at all the ways you can add warmth to your home, both literally and figuratively. Check this out.

Make Generous Use Of Velvet And Wool

Both velvet and wool both help make your living spaces feel a lot cozier and immediately give a space a warm look. The best place to use them is in curtains, especially if you want to create an impression of volume.

Make Judicious Use Of Candles

When the wind is howling outside, or the rain is battering the windows, it can be difficult to make a room feel cozy. But candles are one item that can have an immediate effect. Despite the fact that they don’t churn out a lot of heat, they still provide a warm glow which really helps to make the room feel warmer. Put candles on your mantlepiece and side tables and allow them to complement the natural light.

Make The Stove The Centerpiece

The coziest rooms always have a stove at their center and all the seating arranged around it. A heat activated wood stove fan on top of the stove helps to make sure that the warmth is circulated around the room, making the stove itself even more effective. Not only this, but a quality wood stove is also aesthetically pleasing, especially if it is adorned with pieces of chopped wood, reading to be burned.

Add Your Personal Touches

It’s hard to make a home feel cozy and personal without decorating it with a few personal item. Think about where you could put things like family photographs, heirlooms, and ornaments that evoke great memories from the past. The great thing about personal items is that they often really help you to fire up interesting conversations, especially if you’ve acquired items on your travels around the world. Telling the story of how you came to be in possession of a beautiful ornament can often be as fun as the object itself.

Choose Your Shades Wisely

Making a room feel warm is directly related to the shades and colors you use. Colors like blue and green will make a room feel fresh, but they’ll do little to make it feel cozy. A much better approach is to use the shades of the sunset: yellow, orange and red with perhaps a touch of violet. All of these shades are associated with warm and turning in for the night.

It’s also a good idea to mix and match textures when trying to create a cozy space. Add things like cushions, room dividers, and indoor plants to help bring the whole ensemble together.