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To what lengths should you go to, when you’re preparing to sell your home? Your property might be of a past decade, generation or style and you quite fancy renovating it, in order to sell it at a higher price. But what do you do? The bottom line is, it must be cost-effective because if you overspend, you’ll be biting into any extra profit you make in the selling process. There’s a whole range of things you can do to spruce up your decor, room design, color schemes and refurbishing the exterior of your property.

Do you add bathrooms, extend the garden patio, change the wallpaper, brighten or embolden the color scheme, hang chandeliers, place plants on windowsills, etc. Today’s market is extremely unforgiving, presentation and mood are crucial to getting the most money for your home.

Aesthetically good as new

You want to ‘wow’ any potential buyers immediately when they step inside the home. The color scheme can sour the mood, or it can be inviting and playful. Start with the ceilings as this will be the most challenging and time-consuming task. You could repaint a ceiling if the color has become duller. On the other hand, if the ceiling looks dusty or dirty, simply take a warm, wet towel or rag, and gently wipe down the ceiling. For the bathroom, it’s wise to repaint the ceiling in a pure white if it isn’t already. A bathroom is more relaxing when there are bright colors on the walls, consequently, a pure white will lift and exaggerate the colors on the adjacent walls.

If your kitchen cupboards are dated, you should paint them in a thin coat or either a hardwood or light wood color. By changing the cupboard handles, with modern high-sheen metal ones, it modernizes your kitchen in a very inexpensive manner. However, avoid putting small dainty handles on them, sleek but large handles are in fashion at the moment, because of the high function grasp e.g. you can wear gloves but have no problem opening the door; useful in winter. Considering painting the hallways and bedrooms if the colors are very dark. Lighter neutral colors for the interior walls.

An innovative technique to amplify a room’s mood is to clean or fit totally new windows. Modern windows are of higher quality than those of an older period from past decades. By replacing your windows with a company like, you can also take the opportunity to pick a modern frame design. In one swoop, new windows magnify the interior, while new frames stimulate the exterior image.

One key proposition is to repaint your front door to improve a potential buyer’s first impression. Opt for a bold color rather than something bright, because some home buyers would rather ‘fit in’ with the rest of the neighborhood rather than standout. A maroon door would look classy when the surrounding weatherboards are a deep gray.



Buyers now do what’s called a ‘drive-by viewing’. They simply drive past the house, imagining themselves being the owners and figuring out if the look fits their personality and desired projection of themselves.

Before the buyer can knock on your front door, they will walk through your front garden and if it appears as low maintenance, this will work in your favor. However, this doesn’t mean it must look simple, it’s still got to look appealing. A front garden is sometimes a sign of what an interior is going to be like, in terms of care and neatness.

Make sure that any trees that are outside, don’t contact the house. An overgrown tree branch that pokes into the bedroom window isn’t going to make a good mark as it looks too wild and full of hassle. By that same token, you don’t want a tree without any branches and leaves at all, so don’t go overkill on the trimming. The key is, to trim bits that block sunlight from penetrating into your home; everything else must look natural as can be.

Mow the lawn before any potential buyers are allowed to come to your home. A well-maintained rosebush is attractive to a woman, but a healthy green, evenly-sized, neat-edge lawn, is something the man can take pride in. Pour fresh compost and bark chips into your flower bed. A powerful dark black soil is a sign of vitality and strength. With the food for the flower’s sorted, buy food for the lawn i.e. grass enhancers.


Exterior washing

Augmenting the exterior is the most expensive part of any renewing and or modernizing. But it doesn’t have to be that way, sometimes all that’s needed to make a massive different is a rebuffing of the presentation. Your property could simply achieve this, by getting a thorough wash.

Hosing down the footpath and front step at your front door gives off the impression that cleanliness is taken seriously by the owners. The same should be done for the gutters and the driveway. In fact, while you’re at it, give the car a wash as well. The shinier everything is, the more professional it will look, which in turn, ups the price. The back garden should be hosed down as well. If you have decking or a patio, wash away dirt, soil, grime and any pebbles.


Every nook and cranny

You won’t be hot on the heels of the buyers all the time, they will slip away and have a snoop around. Clean in every single nook and cranny, behind the toilet, behind and on top of the wardrobe, the drawer handles, the shoe rack, in the pantry and even in the bed. Vacuum in all the room, leaving nothing to chance. Expunge any stains you may find, especially in the kitchen where coffee and tea stains can be rampant.

Destroy cobwebs that hide in high corners, dust down the curtains, and clean any spots of mold in the windowsills. And, at the end of all that, air the place out. Open all the windows, and leave them like that for the entire day before the potential buyers come to have a look. Buy some scented gels, scented candles or potpourri, and spread them across the home to infuse a fresh delicate smell.