Who wouldn’t want a creative space to call their own? As a parent, you will know better than anyone just how unique your child is. From the way they make you laugh with their hilarious comments, to the way they get so absorbed in their favorite book, watching them grow up can truly be a joyous time. It is with this in mind that we should use every facet of our capabilities to helping them shape their individuality.

With so much competition in life in general these days, building high self-esteem and an appreciation for their own uniqueness is vital to your child’s development. One way to do this from an early age is to create them a space where they can flourish creatively and feel at home. Here are a few design ideas so you can make a bedroom your child is guaranteed to love.

Pick their favorite color

We don’t often notice it, but the colors around us can all hugely influence our moods and emotions. Bear this in mind when you and your child are deciding a color for their room. You might not be a bit fan of orange and you know it will be a pain to cover up when they eventually move out – but remember, this is the one room in the house that belongs to them. If your child has had a favorite color for years, it only makes sense to opt for this shade when painting their bedroom.

Get them a cool bed

When you think about it, the bed is the centerpiece of the whole bedroom. Just as we design our living room around couch placement, we should also build bedroom decor around where our child sleeps. With that in mind, why not make the most of this and do something really special with the bed? Your child will be the envy of all their friends with a funky bed with built in storage, a roof or a canopy. Many well-regarded retailers specialize in these quirky designs, such as Cuckooland cabin beds. You can even get designs that look like treehouses or rocketships  – perfect for setting your child’s imagination whirring.

Put up photos

Your child may only be young, but that doesn’t mean he or hasn’t already made lots of amazing memories. Spend some time with your child making a memory board by cutting and sticking photos onto a piece of card, then mounting it on the wall. This is a fun activity in itself, and seeing lots of photos of their family and friends in their room is sure to comfort your child should they ever need it.

Make a creative corner

It’s no secret that kids these days are very dependent on technology. While there is nothing wrong with children being technology savvy, allow your child to flourish through other means by implementing a ‘creative corner’ in their bedroom. This could simply be a beanbag next to their bookcase where they can spend some time reading, or it could be an artist’s flipchart where they can practice drawing or painting. Bring these ideas together with your child and see what they would like to do.