Bikini Body

Let’s face it, the only real way to get your perfect bikini body is to have a body, and put a bikini on it. No matter what size or weight you are, or how dimpled your thighs are, or how many stretchmarks you have, you are good enough and beautiful enough to wear absolutely anything you want this summer. If you’re comfortable with your body, that’s awesome – keep on keeping on!

But if you’re using this summer as a wake up call to get rid of the extra pounds you gained over the winter from excessive carb consumption or even a little residual Christmas weight, here are some tips to help…

Get Moving

First of all, it’s time to get yourself off your couch and outside into the fresh air. Walking is one of the best possible forms of exercise and it’s going to get a whole lot more enjoyable as the weather improves. Make sure that you have some sneakers that support your ankles and that are cushioned so your feet don’t get too sore, and walk away! Get off the train a stop early after work, take your neighbor’s dog for a walk, encourage your family to go hiking with you at local beauty spots at the weekend. Walking as much as you can will be good for the environment as you use your car less, and it’ll help to increase your stamina as you start more heavy forms of exercise.

Try Cleansing

One good way to cleanse your body of any impurities is to start a juicing diet for a short period of time  – see these amazing transformations that people have made after trying out the diet themselves. Remember that cleansing programs aren’t for everyone – if you start to feel dizzy or overly tired, stop immediately. You should also remember that they aren’t to be used as long term solutions – in order to lose weight you need to change your lifestyle.

Start Meal Planning


Make sure that you stop going to buy groceries when you’re hungry and start meal planning instead so you don’t end up buying too many convenience foods and throwing away all the vegetables that got out of date before you could manage to use them. Make sure that you plan breakfasts for yourself as well as lunch and dinner so you don’t end up snacking during the morning at work.

Eat In Moderation

The number one tip to make sure you eat healthily is to eat everything in moderation. Banning certain foods from your diet permanently simply won’t work as it will encourage you to have an unhealthy attitude towards food and start thinking of some of it as taboo.

If you want chocolate, that’s okay – just eat a couple of squares of dark chocolate instead of a huge candy bar. Cutting down on portion size will also help you feel more energetic after eating and get a little more trim too, and it’s something that you can maintain for the rest of your life as part of a new healthy lifestyle.

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  1. I am not into summer body really, what I want is a healthy one. How to achieve it seems elusive to me. I ought to try these ideas Erica, and I hope it will help me somehow.

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