Welding crafts? Is there anything else that is more intimidating than deciding to use a tool for a craft project that is powerful enough to fuse pieces of metal together, but can also seriously injure you if you do not use it correctly? Although it is true that welding is very scary for first time users, with some effort and patience, you will be able to complete any craft with ease. You can also click here for more sales from Welding Outfitter to get the right tools for your project.

Safety is NOT Optional

You cannot take a haphazard approach to safety when you are welding. This means that before you even begin to plan your welding project, you must have the correct gear. Some of the safety gear you will need is:

  • Safety glasses
  • Fire resistant jacket
  • Welding gloves
  • Welding helmet

Welding helmets have really progressed over the past few decades and if you want to give your eyes added protection, you can use an automatic darkening helmet.

Also, make sure the area you are working in is properly ventilated. If not, a system that extracts fumes should be in place. Finally, make sure that you never use welding equipment near materials that are flammable.

Voltage Input

There are only two choices when you are welding around your home, 110v or 230v. Generally, a lower voltage is enough if you are welding thinner materials, whereas a higher voltage is effective for thicker materials.

If you are new to welding, you may be benefit from using a welding machine that provides dual voltage. This will allow you to become more confident as you become more experienced, and you will not be limited to using only one voltage.

Learn the Different Welding Processes

Do not become confused by the different types of welding processes. They range from the simplest to the more complex ones that take time, experience and skill to master.

With wire welding, spools of wire go through the gun. The constant wire feeding helps to minimize the number of starts and stops for the welder. This means that a welder who is not experienced can create joints that look professional. This process is also more practical and inexpensive when welding thin sheets of metal.


This is a term in the welding industry for the filler materials, electrodes and wires that are used during the welding process. It is important that the consumable matches the process and the material you are using for your project.

As you grow more proficient in your welding knowledge and skills, you will begin to understand the nuances of the different consumables, and you will likely begin to gravitate towards a particular type and brand.

A good welding machine will be able to automatically tell the type of voltage you are plugged into and it will be able to adjust the settings.

This is what you need to know to get started welding. Now, you can focus on creating your craft.