Want to start your own home based business but unsure of where to begin? Being your own boss can be extremely useful when you are trying to juggle everything that life throws at you. Choosing your own hours means being able to have a healthy work-life balance with your family. The only thing you need is a willingness to work hard and bring your business to life. Keep reading for a list of business ideas that you can start whatever your expertise!

Hobby Related Business

Love arts or crafts? Perhaps you’re great at drawing or painting? Do you make your own clothes? With so many websites where you can sell your wares such as eBay or Etsy, you have a platform to advertise yourself and sell from. If you enjoy doing it, the plus is it won’t even feel like work! Do you prefer to keep your designs to yourself? There is always the option of selling tutorials to teach others instead.

Online Teaching

Online courses in recent years have become increasingly popular. With websites such as The Open University, anyone can study in their spare time. If you have a teaching background, this could be perfect for you. You will need to have an understanding of computers and a camera to create online lectures and/or written classwork. Want to know more? Visit K12 for job details and necessary experience.

Fitness Coach

Love fitness? You could turn your everyday exercise routine or healthy eating tips and recipes into a way to make money! You can coach people in your own home, or in theirs, or you could be making videos so you have to leave the comfort of your own home! You could even set up a blog to sell recipes or fitness workouts to others.

Open a Daycare Center

You’re already at home looking after your children then why not look after other kids too? This is a great idea if you love working with children and is also a great way for your children to socialize. It also means you get to spend more time with your own children. Win-win.

Start a Home Subscription Box

Are you a creative individual? Starting a home subscription box is a great option, with companies like Auster, Shearer Candles and Loot Crate popular examples of subscription boxes. There are many ideas to choose from such as baked goods, beauty products or homemade gifts: the possibilities are endless. If you can think of a popular subscription box niche, this is one business you can easily start from home.  For more information, click the link.

This list is certainly not exhaustive by any means. A passion for a certain product can really help you when starting a business, so think about what you love doing and go from there. Remember: make your business personal. You don’t have to break the bank: simple handwritten adverts posted in your community can be just as effective as an advert on a website.