More and more often, moms are choosing to study and work from home. There was a time when young couples would wait years to have children, until their lives were more established and they had homes of their own and lucrative careers. There are numerous reasons why moms are choosing to have their children earlier and even so, they can still have a great career, make lots of money and be at home during those all-important formative years when bonding with mom is an absolute must. Here are some tips on how you can help other mothers achieve the level of professional success you have gained and really, all without ever working outside the home.

Why So Many Young Couples See the Wisdom of Starting a Family Now

It wasn’t until many years after couples began ‘waiting’ to have children that some of the more serious issues began to surface. Yes, it sounded like a good idea to have a home and job security, but that often took more than a decade to happen. By that point in time they were well into their mid to late thirties and it was quite difficult to conceive. It is an established fact that after 35 the chances of birth defects rises dramatically as each year passes.

Then, there is the fact that children are becoming teens with a busy sports and social life just when mom and dad are ready to start slowing down towards retirement. These are just a couple of the biggest reasons why couples no longer want to wait to have a family, but they indicate just how the tide is turning.

You Can Get an Online MBA from Home

There is also no reason why you need to wait to have a family because you want to finish school first. Within the past decade, all of the major universities now offer an online masters in business administration, for example, and many parents actually earn their degree while staying at home to raise a family. It is no longer the exception to the rule, but is actually becoming much more widespread and as many as 40% of all grad students are now earning their advanced degree online these days.

Helping Other Moms Realize Their Dreams

One of the reasons why that MBA online degree keeps cropping up is because it is the perfect degree for moms who want to make a difference in the lives of other mothers. They study business administration and understand the world of finance and how families and businesses alike are affected by the economy. There are millions of other young couples out there who are still laboring under the false assumption that it is better to wait longer to have a family.

As a ‘Mommy Mentor’ you can gather other young married ladies under your wing to guide and encourage them to at least give it a try. They want to stay home and go to school or work from home, but are lacking the wisdom and encouragement from other young mothers like themselves. No matter what your degree, you can be a Mommy Mentor and help other young couples understand how they can have children today without waiting until they have all the material goods they think they need. Share your experiences and be there to listen.

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