Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

I’m a huge fan of DIY Christmas gifts! I love to give and receive them, especially when they come from my children. The spirit of Christmas is not about how much you can spend or who gets the most presents. It’s about peace, kindness and realizing that we’re all on this ride together, no matter where you’re from, your background or your beliefs. So, take the opportunity to reclaim that special spirit and DIY some of your gifts this year. You’ll be better off for it, in more ways than one.

The following are ideas for some adorable, and useful, DIY Christmas gifts such as a handmade snow globe, DIY Christmas wrapping paper, a lovely sequined photo frame and my personal favorite, a Christmas Tea Tree.

Amazing Christmas gifts you can do yourself

Christmas is an expensive time of year, but gift giving doesn’t have to break the bank. Amazing Christmas gifts you can do yourself  was put together by Cashfloat.co.uk. to give you some quick and purse friendly ideas for gifts that you can put together at home. There’s something very special about giving a handmade gift. It means you’ve spent time thinking about the person and what they would like, and then you created something unique with your own fair hands. The best part is, they often cost less and the creative process is fun! If you have children, you can make it an activity to enjoy together. Do you have any easy DIY Christmas gifts to add to the list?