It may sound a bit sexist, but there are just some jobs moms do well and other jobs, well, not so much. Although women can do just about anything a man can do and vice versa, there are just some jobs that are well suited to moms because what they do at work is much like what they are required to do at home. Somehow, the thought of mom as a business administrator might not sound like having a common skill set, but in reality, there is a juxta positioning of skills that moms and administrators share in an uncanny way.

In fact, nothing is further removed from a sexist mindset than thinking of mom as administrator because traditionally, men have been the boss and that’s a fact you can’t deny. So why, then, do moms make wonderful business administrators? Here are a few good reasons you are sure to agree with.

Sacrificing Career for Family

One of the things a mom does well is to put the needs of her family before her own. Not to say that dads don’t as well, but in this context, a mom may really want to work outside the home but has put that aside for the time being so she could be there for her kids. After working hard to earn a degree from a leading masters in business administration program at a well-known and highly ranked university, she opted to stay at home until her kids were old enough to go to school.

This assures her that they would get the best possible care during those early years. Experts concur that kids who have that extra bonding time with mom simply do better in life. While mothers today do need to work, some choose to work in-home so that they can bring in the extra paycheck, but are there during those formative years as well.

Organization Is Crucial as a Mother

If you have one kid and a spouse, you know how hard it can be to organize your time so that you can be there should either need your attention. When there are two, three, four or even more kids in the family, organization is a big part of what mom does. From seeing to lunches to making sure Suzie brought her coat and Johnnie has his soccer uniform, mom can’t afford to miss a beat. If she did, she’d be taxiing belongings and kids 7 days a week.

Whether mom got an online MBA or did her time on campus, the one thing you can be sure of and that is she will be the first to tell you that being a mom is like being a business administrator, just at a different rate of pay. No, you don’t bring home a check as a stay at home mom but the rewards of being there to see your kids grow is remuneration beyond compare. Work from home to earn that paycheck if at all possible and you can have the best of both worlds.