On moving day, it is critical you are ready to make the transition from your current place to your new one in a timely manner. This means taking steps prior to moving that will make it easy to put everything in the moving van. What are a few of the steps you can take to make your move as easy as possible?

Make Sure Everything is Safe and Secure
If you don’t want to put your clothes in boxes, you can skip this step by wrapping your dresser in shrink wrap or otherwise locking the drawers in place. Anything that is made from glass or is fragile, should be wrapped in bubble wrap or another soft material to ensure it won’t crack or break in transport. By keeping your object secure and protected, even the most fragile items can be quickly carted out and loaded. 

Give Your Furniture a Thorough Cleaning
Vacuuming out your couch cushions and wiping off the television stand makes it easier to transport items without dirty crumbs getting all over the van, or dust getting in anyone’s eyes. If you know that someone helping you has allergies to dust, peanuts, or other materials, cleaning your house can prevent an attack that slows the move to a crawl, or puts someone’s life in danger.

Get Any Fixes or Repairs Done

Before moving, your house should be ready for the new owners. Make sure you have had an inspection and that anything promised to be fixed is done. This could mean having Solar Shield Windows install new bay windows, or doing a quick DIY check of the water fixtures. Have a pro walk through and make sure everything looks right.

Get the Kids and Pets out First
If you have kids or pets, you should make sure they are out of the way on moving day. At best, they will simply get in the way or make a stressful day even more so. At worst, they could get hurt, or one of the animals could escape in a panic. Even if you keep the kids or animals to one part of the house, it could make it harder for workers to get where they need to go with your things. 

The work you put in before your move is going to reduce the amount of work you have to do the day of. While moving your things is the top priority, boxing and labeling your things can take a while. If you are leaving a rented property, you may also have to spend time cleaning it to ensure that you get your security deposit back.


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  1. Having new Windows installer makes such a huge difference in a home. Especially a pretty bay window. Perhaps with a window seat so it can be a reading nook?

  2. Planning and organizing during a move is one of the most important steps in having a stress-free relocation. A checklist comes in handy during this stage. You’ve got great tips here!

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