Anniversaries only come once a year, and it’s important to make this day extra special! Here are some ideas to help you plan that romantic anniversary date. Make it an event you both remember all year long.

Recreate Your First Date
There’s nothing more romantic than remembering when you first felt that spark. Try to remember all the details. Did you go to the movies and dinner? Was it a burger place or a picnic? How did you get there? Did you walk or take a horse-drawn carriage? You might not be able to recreate the scene exactly, but you both will have fun taking a walk down memory lane.

Wine Tasting
Wine tasting at a special venue you’ve never been to before can be the perfect thing to do together. A new experience is sure to get you both talking and invested in the night. Make it really fancy and hire a Millanio Limo service to get you both there in style. Buy a few bottles of your favorites to drink on your next anniversary.

Have a Sunset Picnic
This is a simple, fun, and romantic way to celebrate your anniversary. Pick a secluded spot and pack a picnic basket with your favorite treats. Bring a blanket to snuggle in together in if it will be chilly. If it’s warmer take some of your favorite lawn games like Frisbee, croquet, or baseball mitts for a game of catch.

Have A Camera Adventure
Go out exploring someplace you’ve never been or visit an old favorite and bring along cameras or use your phone to take photos. Have someone take pictures of the two of you together or have fun doing selfies. You might even want to do this on every anniversary, that way you can put your photos in an album that grows with each passing year.

Make A Mix Tape (or CD)
Music can say things we often can’t find words for. There’s a reason mix tapes were the big thing to give someone you had a crush on back in the day! Think about songs you enjoy together or the one that was playing during your first dance. You can also choose songs that just make you think of your partner. Keep a copy to remind you of how special you are to each other any time.

Take a Class Together

Learning together about something you’re both interested in is a great way to celebrate your anniversary and reconnect over a new experience. Learn to cook, take a pottery class, or learn to dance the salsa. Get creative and have fun doing something new.

No matter which anniversary you’re celebrating, don’t be afraid to spice things up! Doing something just for the two of you will help create memories that will last a lifetime.