Once a child enters school, there’s an abundance of subjects to learn more about. Education has a remarkable way of opening up a child’s mind. While it is important to learn the fundamentals of reading, math, science, and history, it is also vital for children to receive a well-rounded education. If you’re contemplating whether or not to place your child in various school clubs, consider these four reasons why it’s a worthwhile endeavor.


One of the greatest relationships an individual can cultivate is the one they maintain with self. Through school clubs, they’re able to get a better view of how they handle situations and how they adjust to new situations. Children discover their personalities more in these settings and learn more about what they respond to. Granted, they may not have the intellect to fully know that it is self-discovery, but it will eventually catch up with someday when they’re older.

Cultivated Interests

In order for a person to know whether or not they like certain interests, it’s important to try a variety. It is one thing to see someone else do something, but it’s another to try, become great and excel at a specific hobby on their own. For example, a 3rd-grade girl may enjoy playing with her bike and reading. However, if introduced to the chess club at school, she may realize she’s intuitively excellent at chess. Unless she’s given the opportunity to try different clubs, she’ll never learn what she’s great at.

New Friendships

Joining school clubs are a dynamic way for school children to make new friends. In many cases, the friends made in grade school can last lifetimes. So, if your son or daughter is struggling to make new friends, joining school clubs might be a great way to bring them out of the shell and get them in environments with like-minded individuals.

A lot of times, children feel separated due to popularity and appearance. If your child is in an environment where custom school uniforms are mandatory, this helps to even the playing field and get children to focus less on materialistic elements and more on genuine hearts and like-minded personalities.


School clubs offer exposure to the world beyond the standard subjects taught in the classroom. If a boy who is artistic joins the art club, this only serves to strengthen his ability. It also puts him in position for mentorship and educators that will take note of his skill and cultivate it as well.

When opportunities arise to showcase student artwork in public environments, the teacher will often think of their mentees first. So, it’s not a far-fetched concept for children to receive tons of exposure from honing in on a specific talent in a club. In a lot of cases, the sky really is the limit.

It’s so beautiful when an adult can look back on their childhood and be grateful for the multitude of rich experiences they had. Whether those experiences came from traveling, family, or fun in a school club, they help make a person who they are and stand proudly in their uniqueness.