Playing outside was once a regular part of life for kids. These days, fresh air, sunlight and cardiovascular exercise have been replaced by smart phones, video games and the Internet. Unfortunately, these activities make kids less active than ever, but you can create fun activities to get them up and moving.

Develop Weekly Projects

You can get your kids excited to spend time outside by taking on a new activity each week. You can start a garden as a way to make sure they get fresh air every time the family gets together to tend to it. You can build an obstacle course together and make teams to see who completes it the fastest. Embark on a nature hunt and give your kids a list of animals or plants to find. You can even go camping in your own backyard.

Water Fun

Everyone enjoys a day outside carelessly playing in the water with fresh air and healthy sunshine. You can create a slip and slide for your kids with some liquid soap, or have a competition with water guns and water balloons. You can buy a shallow inflatable pool for smaller kids to enjoy, or play games with older children if you have an in-ground pool.

Build a Playground

If you can’t make your way to the park that often, take the time to make a small playground for the kids in the backyard. You can easily make a sandbox for them to enjoy, or take on the task of making a tree house. You can also install a tube or spiral slide, a trampoline and a swing set. If you get all playground parts together from a company like Tree Frogs Wooden Swing Set Factory, you can easily install it all at the same time.

Classic Activities

Some outdoor activities offer classic fun no matter what generation gets involved. Playing hide and seek or going for a bike ride or even a family hike are easy and enjoyable ways to get outside and gain exercise. Going for a walk around the neighborhood is also a nice way to explore and get the heart pumping. You can set up a fun scavenger hunt in your yard or neighborhood and even allow the kids to use their phones to photograph items as they find them.

Team Sports

The fun that comes from engaging in competition allows kids to become active without even realizing it. You can set up games of flag football, basketball and volleyball easily and quickly. Head to your local tennis club or park to play your own doubles match.

If you want your kids to remain healthy and active, regular outdoor play is the way to go. If they claim there’s “nothing to do,” you’ll already have a list ready for them.


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