Out with the Old Cheap Updates Your House Needs

You don’t have to spend a fortune or months on end updating your home and bringing it into the 21st century. If you have been avoiding taking the plunge and beginning a home renovation project, why not start with cheap updates that can be finished over the weekend? The best home improvement projects and updates are those that offer you a return on your investment and will make your space more functional. Here are some seemingly easy projects you can take on to breathe new life into your home. 

A Fresh Coat of Paint 
Over time, walls throughout your home can become drab and washed out. As the color becomes outdated and even faded, you begin to find the chips and dings in the walls stand out even more. By investing in a new coat of paint complete with accent colors, you can make your rooms take on a whole new look.

For a modern room with an eclectic look, balance neutrals and more classic colors. Choose a bright pop of color for the accent wall if you are trying to add dimension. It is amazing what can be done with a paint brush and two or three colors of high-quality paint. 

Refinish Your Cabinets
The kitchen is the best room in the house to put money into when your priority is to increase value. Dark cabinetry can really suck the light out of the kitchen and make it feel smaller. One way to avoid making the huge investment into new cabinetry is to finish your cabinet doors and paint them a complimentary color. By choosing a bright color that reflects light, you can make the kitchen look more open without spending a ton of money. 

Turn Your Yard into a Haven
During the warmer months, you want to spend as much time outside as possible. If you have an outdoor space, make use of the room you have and create a place you want to be in all the time. Furnish your yard with lighting applications, install a fire feature, and invest in some affordable Design Furnishings patio furniture that will seat the whole family. If you have a private space where you can kick back and relax, you will find yourself outside much more often and it can help to increase home value.

You don’t necessarily need to hire a demolition crew or a contractor to update your home. There are basic projects that even an inexperienced homeowner can do with little help and the right tool kit. Consider these projects and you will get excited about updating your home every other weekend.