After showing off your gorgeous legs in miniskirts and short shorts all summer, you may mourn the coming of chilly sweater weather. But autumn doesn’t have to mean your best feature is hidden until spring. These six fall trends will help you show off your legs while still staying warm.

Short Hemlines

Legs for Days How to Show off Your Best Feature This Fall 1
The runways for fall of 2015 were full of skirts and dresses that stopped at the top of the thigh. These short hemlines will definitely call attention to your legs. To avoid feeling chilly, wear shorter pieces with long sleeved tops, tights, and higher boots.


Legs for Days How to Show off Your Best Feature This Fall 2
By adding a stylish pair of tights and a jacket or cardigan, you can still wear summery sundresses during the fall. Thick opaque tights will keep you warm and hide flaws, such as ugly varicose veins, while still calling attention to your gorgeous legs. To elongate your legs, wear shoes that are the same color as your tights.

Heeled Booties

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This current trend is a great way to highlight how long and lean your legs are. Sky high heels will exaggerate your leg length, while the short ankle booties make sure all the focus stays on your legs. This versatile footwear can be worn with pants, dresses, or even shorts.


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Though they are known for how amazing they make legs look, leggings are often dismissed as just a form of comfy active wear. Leggings made out of textured or unusual materials such as suede can still look classy and elegant, while calling attention to your legs. 

Knee High Boots

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Knee high boots are always in style during fall, since they’re so cozy and warm. If you pick a pair that laces up or stretches tightly, you can emphasize your toned calves. Try pairing them with skinny jeans that have a dark wash to showcase your legs even further. You can wear knee high boots with long socks in order to add a bit of visual interest, and stay even warmer. 

Maxi Skirts with Side Slits

Legs for Days How to Show off Your Best Feature This Fall 6
As the maxi skirt trend continues, designers have started adding thigh high slits to the skirts. Though you might look all warm and covered up, you can still show off your legs with every step. Look for maxi skirts in thicker fabrics with strategically placed slits to emphasize your legs.

This fall you don’t have to hide away in baggy snow pants just to stay warm. You also don’t have to say goodbye to short skirts and high heels. If you want to bare your skin a bit more and are embarrassed by unsightly varicose or spider veins, find an Ivein vein center or talk to a Utah vein doctor to get a screening on what you can do to get them removed or reversed. Use these fashion tips to keep your legs covered, but still your go-to show off feature.

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